Vote For The EPT Best Moments (vids)

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The 100th ever Main Event on the PokerStars European Poker Tour was always going to bring plenty of celebration for everyone involved, what with a huge party, plenty of promotions and giveaways. Yet when an achievement such as this is reached, it is always great to look over the past events to remember some of the great memories on the tour.

To encourage you to do just that, PokerStars have put up eight of the greatest moments on the European Poker Tour for fans and players to vote for. Once you start looking through the moments you can just feel the nostalgia oozing through your body and you remember some of these magnificent highlights.

So now to those moments that have made the final cut and been put among the eight that can be voted on.

Was it Daniel Negreanu, the master of reads himself once again showing his skills to not only guess his opponents pocket kings but also to somehow force him to fold.

How about when Vicky Coren became the first ever double Main Event winner in Season 10 last year? Many would never have guessed that she would be the first to achieve two Main Event wins but the fact that she did is rather fitting in our eyes.

What about that superb call by Jason Mercier to win the EPT Sanremo, making a big name for himself in the process. A complete bluff by his opponent and he calls with bottom pair to take the title.

Or how about ‘Mr PCA’ himself Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier who had come close on many occasions before he finally landed a PCA title.

What about when the legend himself Doyle Brunson mixed it with the new generation and dealt out some punishment?

Or how about the moment when Vanessa Selbst and Kevin MacPhee, who were apparently good friends at the time went up against each other in a hand, leaving Selbst absolutely gobsmacked at the result.

Perhaps we could go right back to when the tour actually first started to describe the best moment? This is where it all began with the first winner EPT Main Event winner being Alexander Stevic.

Finally, could it be that hand where O’Dwyer suffered a runner runner straight to lose a three way hand to both the other two players?

At the moment it is a very close run thing between Daniel Negreanu and Vicky Coren in the voting stakes but there are still many more votes to be collected with each one the possible decider. We of course are a little biased and have gone for the Brit Vicky Coren after becoming the first double Main Event winner during Season 10.