WCOOP Day 12 Roundup

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George Danzer is having an unbelievable World Championship Of Online Poker so far, and he added to that yesterday with another two cashes. Fellow Team PokerStars Pro Shane “Schleger” Schleger also managed a final table appearence.

Danzer has been attacking this series since day one and there is only one player who has outperformed him and that “Mikal12345” who has won two events this year.

The final table that Schleger has managed to get to is in the very same event that he actually won last year, the Triple Draw 2-7 with a buy-in of $320. We are going to have a closer look at some of the more interesting events from yesterday.

$530 Triple Shootout Event 31 Day 2

This event managed to attract a healthy 711 players to the virtual felt which built up a prize pool of $355,500. It was “da69kid” who managed to beat off a field that included big name players such as Max Heinzelmann, Ryan Carter and Pratyush Buddiga to win the bracelet and the first place prize of $64,879.20.

Each of the players on the final table were regular online poker pros which made it a very compelling contest, Max “HotKarlMC” Heinzelmann has finished on two EPT final tables back to back this year already but was the first to go this time around when his A-J wasn’t good enough to beat Ryan “TheCart3r” Carter’s A-Q.

Carter actually went on to finish third in this event leaving just “da69kid” and “geovou” to play heads up.

The Final Standings:

da69kid $64,879.20

geovou $45,148.50

Ryan “TheCart3r” Carter $33,594.75

bastet2004 $25,062.75


lizet555 $14,220.00

Artem205 $11,198.25

Carter “cswidler” Swidler $8,887.50

Pratyush “Shane Gamble” Buddiga $6,754.50

6-Max NLHE Event 33

George Danzer came extremely close to making yet another final table in the 2012 WCOOP, with the Team PokerStars Pro eventually bowing out in 11th place after actually running in well in third at one point.

The tournament originally had 1,647 entrants which included some very big name players such as Angel Guillen, Anders Berg, Jan Hietman, Lex Veldhuis, Fatima De Melo, Ana Marquez and George Lind.

Danzer continued to show up his fellow Team PokerStars Pros by not only crushing the field in Day 1 but leading for most of Day 2 as well. Right near the end of the day he was sat with $1.2 million in chips which now had him two places from the top in third.

He made a huge mistake though and finished in eleventh place; he tried a very ambitious bluff against the then chip leader “Sammycon23” and was called to be caught out lost all of his chips in a huge 2 million pot.

However, it was not “sammycon23” who would go on to win; it was in fact the Brit “Bumbulbee_G” who took the title and $80,291.61 prize.

Bumbulbee_G – $80,291.61

Student 407 – $60,033.15

sammycon23 – $44,469.00

BoBoNe93 – $29,646.00

tombo_pl – $19,764.00

WTFOMFGOAO – $12,352.50