WCOOP Day 14 Roundup

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Another day and another story to tell at the World Championship Of Online Poker. The biggest yearly online poker series provided us with more high octane stuff on Day 14 as some of the biggest names such as Max Lykov, Phill Collins and Alexey Makarov getting a taste of some serious money.

There were three events that were completed yesterday with a total of $1.35 million being shared amongst poker players from all around the world. Along with the three names already mentioned we did also see some deep runs by names such as Eugene Katchalov and last year’s Main Event champion Thomas “Kallllle” Pederson.

$700 NLHE Heads Up Event 39

720 online players decided to have a go at this heads up event, with ultimately “Ti0373” being crowned the winner and taking home $120,600. In the final there was no deal made between the players as they both decided to just go for the win.

The runner up was “GSinishtaj” who will be more than happy with his $62,712 second place payment. Other notable cashers were Steven “Zugwat” Silverman, Eugene Katcholov and Chris “ImDaNuts” Oliver. There were 64 players in total that took a share of the prize pool, of which here is the top eight:

1st: Ti0373 – $120,600

2nd: GSinishtaj – $62,712

3rd: wac33215 – $33,768

4th: Spyver – $33,768

5th: Zugwat – $15,436.80

6th: TryToExploit – $15,436.80

7th: JohnyK91 – $15,436.80

8th: K_O_S_T_Y_A – $15,436.80

$320 NLHE 6-Max Event 40

This was a $250k guaranteed prize pool event; though it stretched even higher than that when 2,327 players brought that total up to over $700k. The event then lasted for a total of 16 hours before we finally had a winner, “ottoman09” being that man.

He took the largest slice of that prize pool with $86k going into his PokerStars account. He may have won the event but he didn’t earn the most money, which went to the second placed player due to a deal between the top three.

MlanRabsz” from Poland won $90,000 as he was the chip leader when the deal took place and obviously negotiated a deal that would have him paid well even if he didn’t win.

Final Standings:

1st: ottoman09 – $86,771.85*

2nd: MilanRabsz – $90,000.00*

3rd: pepealas – $72,800.00*

4th: PAULMARCKO – $40,140.75

5th: Booobich – $26,178.75

6th: N1clasM – $13,948.03

$320 HORSE Event 41

598 players decided to try their hand at this HORSE tournament, with some big name professionals being found amongst them. In the end though, it was “NoralFlum” who deservedly took home the title and the $33k first place payout.

PokerStars Team Pros Alexey “LuckyGump” Makarov and fellow Russian Maxim Lykov both made the final table here but were unable to stop the winner. Here are the final standings:

1st: NoraFlum – $33,727.20

2nd: LuckyGump – $24,667.50

3rd: dev209 – $18,119.40

4th: FatmanScoops – $13,455.00

5th: Maxim Lykov – $8,970.00

6th: gipsy74 – $6,279.00

7th: Bruno FT – $4,036.50

8th: andreasbar – $2,691.00