WCOOP Day 17 Roundup

holding quad aces

Yesterday was Day 17 of the PokerStars World Championship Of Online Poker and as per usual there was some excellent action to report on. Yesterday it was Justin “ZeeJustin” Bonomo who was in the spotlight as he won the $530 Razz tournament.

With plenty of other poker pros taking part in the action yesterday it was inevitable that he wouldn’t be the only one to make some kind of score. He wasn’t, Andrew “fourcault82” Brokos, Andre Akkari and the impressive Jason Somerville all managed to take decent scores.

We are now entering the last part of the WCOOP so the remaining tournaments are going to represent the last chances for some of these players to grab WCOOP titles and of course the bracelets.

$320 NLHE 2xChance Day 2 Event 46

Andrew “foucault82” Brokos came extremely close to the final table on this event, actually the closest you can come by being the final table bubble boy. He still did well though having been up against 2,218 players with a further 680 re-buys.

This all resulted in a prize pool of $889,400, with each of the players trying their hardest to at teach reach the pay structure.

Day 1 of this event saw plenty of the biggest known online poker players taking part, with Sandra Naujoks, Bryan Huang and Mickey “mement_mori” Peterson. All of them were gone before Day 2 with Brokos being the only real notable left in.

It was “Puropoker123” who actually took down the title and won the $139,104, he actually became the first player from Panama to claim a WCOOP title.

Final Standings:

Puropoker123 $139,104

StigR $104,328

Kora Fett $78,246

samuraiUA $53,902.80

jenbizzle $39,123

Poeira4 $30,429

dsnka $21,735

Festivuss $14,779.80

Armando2011 $8,259.30


$530 Razz Event 49

Justin “ZeeJustin” Bonomo took down his first WCOOP title of his career yesterday as he won this event by beating off 387 players to claim first place. The field was tough too with plenty of big name players in the mix.

Bertand “ElkY” Grospellier, Maxim Lykov, Nacho Barbero, Dave Emmons and Liv Boeree were all looking to achieve some lowball style wins. Though, not many of them made too much of an impression. One who did though was PokerStars Team Pro Andre Akkari who actually just missed out on the final table by one place.

Bonomo on the other hand made that final table, though only as a shortstack. However it didn’t take him long before he moved up the pecking order after immediately eliminating Shawn “Buck21” Buchanan.

That gave him the chips to start making moves and it wasn’t long before he was heads up against “to0day’s”. He had a massive disadvantage in chips but turned it around to win the title.

1. Justin “ZeeJustin” Bonomo – $36,785.16

2. to0dey – $27,090

3. YoHHH_ViraL – $20,317.50

4. sonajero – $14,512.50

5. pmahoney22 – $9,675

6. hummylun – $6,772.50

7. Shawn “buck21″ Buchanan – $4,837.50

8. MintTrav – $3,870