This Week’s Online Movers And Shakers

Mouse and money

Although the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure has been where most of the attraction has been poker wise this week, there has still been plenty of action at the two most popular online poker sites in PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker.

We are going to run through the week’s action from last Saturday to the Friday just gone and then see how that affects the highest profits and biggest losers rankings for the year of 2014.

Saturday 4th

The weekend started quite quietly at both PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker with nobody securing six-figure profits but there were some that came close. In the end the biggest winner on Saturday was that of “Doorbread” who banked a healthy $95,703.

Doorbread – ($95,703)

cheap cheap – ($85,578)

Odd_Oddsen – ($75,010)

mikki696 – ($59,591)

Sunday 5th

Sunday definitely saw a pick up in the action as Ben “bttech86” Tollerene really kicked off his high stakes action for 2014 in style. He took down a whopping $453,936 to send himself right to the top of the yearly leaderboards at that time.

Bttech86 – $453,936

SanIker – $144,100

KPR16 – $103,947

458854 – $103,698

Monday 6th

In what we eventually turn out to be a very bad week for Gus Hansen, it actually didn’t start out too badly with a good profit on Monday to the tune of $140,720. It was not enough to finish the day at the top of the profit rankings though as that honour went to “SallyWoo” who banked $208,923.

SallyWoo – ($208,923)

Gus Hansen – ($140,720)

jungleman12 – ($130,818)

hotmark777 – ($98,088)

Tuesday 7th

Bryn Kenney would have been disappointed to have lost $100k in the PCA Super High Roller after being eliminated but he quickly made it all back and then some that night when he secured profits of $188,841 online. Gus Hansen also had another day of profit, though that was not to last.

BrynKenney – ($188,841)

Thecortster – ($156,861)

KPR16 – ($97,432)

Gus Hansen – ($95,118)

Wednesday 8th

The middle of the week is where “mikki696” started his climb up the rankings. Wednesday saw him take home $121,203 at Full Tilt Poker playing at a variety of Pot Limit Omaha and Texas Holdem tables.

mikki696 – ($121,203)

2Ari Gold – ($102,338)

Doorbread – ($82,556)

n0d1ceb4by – ($71,104)

Thursday 9th

“mikki696” did not stop there either and added another $174.1k to the $120k he took on Wednesday. Others to take home good scores on Thursday included “taktloss47” and “yurasov1990” who earned $110.9k and $90.4k respectively.

mikki696 (+$174.1k)

taktloss47 (+$110.9k)

yurasov1990 (+$90.4k)

PostflopAction (+$85k)

Friday 10th

The end of the week brought a welcome surprise for Viktor “Isildur1” Blom as he secured himself a bit of profit to put a little dent into what he has lost so far in 2014. He banked $122.5k to slightly reduce his deficits this year so far but is still almost $600k down so far.

Isildur1 – (+$122.5k)

thecortster – (+$119.9k)

PostflopAction – (+$85k)

Ben86 – (+$64.3k)

The Year’s Biggest Winners So Far

Whilst Ben “bttech86” Tollerene will be used to seeing himself regularly making a profit at high stakes poker, the shock leader right now is somewhat of an unknown. “mikki696” is currently around $85k ahead of his more recognisable opponent in the high stakes profit race.

1st) mikki696 – $400,984

2nd) Bttech86 – $316,580

3rd) 2Ari Gold – $272,575

4th) Doorbread – $235,062

5th) Yurasov – $179,391

The Biggest Losers So Far In 2014

Both Viktor “Isildur1” Blom and “Gus Hansen” would have been hoping that the New Year would be considerably different than 2013, yet both have started the year in the same manner that they ended the last. They sit with the biggest losses already in 2014 and will be hoping to have a swift turnaround of fortunes in the coming weeks.

1st) Isildur1 – $587,584

2nd) Gus Hansen – $507,081

3rd) FinddaGrind – $303,590

4th) no_Ola – $244,334

5th) SanIker – $163,641