DTD DeepStack And Canadian Poker Classic Concluded

Two more tournaments came to conclusion yesterday with the £500k Guaranteed Dusk Till Dawn being the first we will discuss. Sean Randall managed to work his way through a field of 910 players to win a very healthy £110,000.

Randall often frequents the Dusk Till Dawn events and even won one of the monthly events back in October last year. In this event he got to the heads up stage against Gary Jones and finally defeated him when Jones raised the pot to 1,200.000 with an Ad-8d, Randall re-raised to a total of 3,500.000 with a pair of Jacks in his hand.

Jones pushed all in for a total of 13,000.000 and Randall quickly called. The board came out low with the highest card being a ten and Randall scooped the title and the first place winner’s cheque. On top of the payout and the glory he also won an added bonus, because he was a golden chip qualifier he also won an 8k package to another Dusk Till Dawn event being staged in St Kitts in November.

There were 22 players in total that made it to the final days play, yet some of the more famous names busted out of the tournament just before the final table. Matt Perrins perished in 19th position, Stuart Fox was not too far behind in 17th and Marius Lietuvninkas was eliminated in 14th.

The Final Standings For The Dusk Till Dawn DeepStacks In Nottingham:

1 Sean Randall £110,000.00

2 Gary Jones £65,000.00

3 Marios Andreas £43,000.00

4 Danish Gandhi £30,000.00

5 Lee Taylor £22,000.00

6 Sean Belton £17,000.00

7 Kieran Plater £12,000.00

8 Darren Copus £8,500.00

9 David Williams £6,500.00


Justin Ouimette Triumphs In The Canadian Poker Classic

The Inaugural Canadian Poker Classic was the second event that came to a close yesterday, with the PokerStars.net backed tournament being won by Justin Ouimette who scooped his best ever cash out of $66k.

He is having a good year so far after already having an extended and deep run at the WSOP Main Event, with this tournament just further showing his poker potential. He took this event down that was being staged at the Stardust Poker Mansion by navigating a field of 337 runners.

He eventually got to heads up with Amarith Keo, and the final hand consisted of an all-in between the two on a flop containing 8h-10h-Ah, Keo was holding pocket nines and pushed first, Ouimette however was holding an Ac-Jh and called instantly. A turn of 4d and river of 8s was of no help to Keo and Ouimette was crowned the champion.

We think we may be seeing more of this player over the coming years and are looking forward to seeing just how he develops.