WinStar World Casino River Poker Series ME – Day 2 And Newcombe Back At The Front!

Spades Royal Flush

This event is now moving thick and fast, after the three flights of day 1 were endured we now had Day 2 taking place on Sunday. The WinStar World Casino River Poker Series Main Event is now down from the 141 who came into the day to the last 15.

Those 15 will now keep on battling for the best share of the guaranteed $2.5 million as possible, with Matt Newcombe again leading the pack with 3,245.000 in chips. Newcombe was actually the first end of Day chip leader from Day 1a and he has certainly continued that trend.

The next largest chip holder was Aaron Massey who amassed a cool 2,889.000 chips; he got most of them in one massive hand. The hand materialized quite early on in the day and it involved three players, with Mark Eddleman opening with a raise to 9k, Jerry Lorett made the call. Massey decided to bet a further 24k and each of his opponents decided to call.

The flop came down as Qd-6h-Jh and Eddleman was first to play and checked, Lorett pushed all-in and Massey made the call, Eddlemen went with an over the top all-in and Massey called yet again as he was pot committed.

Massey found himself in front with pocket queens giving him the set, Eddleman had two pair whilst holding Qs-Js and Lorett had the open ended straight and flush draw with the 10h-9h.The 4s fell on the turn and the 3c landed on the river to leave Massey literally jumping in the air. That hand gave him 655,000 in the early stages of the day and he kept the trend going right until the end.

Who Didn’t Make It!

We lost quite a few big names on Day 2 which included Brett Schwertley, Robert Salaburu, Maria Ho, Kurt Jewell, Heath Herring and Chris Moneymaker. Another player David Sands; who was expected to go from strength to strength on Day 2 also just missed the cut.

He had an all action day full of ups and downs, when he was down he would double up quickly, though in the end the rollercoaster derailed. He eventually pushed all in when a board of 8H-10D-JS-9S showed up, Peter Zhmutski moved all-in over the top of him and a third player laid his cards down.

Sands had the Qd-10h which gave him a queen high straight, but Zhmutski held the Kd-Qs giving him the pot with a king high straight. Sands was eliminated and finished in 20th place.

The Final Fifteen Are As Follows:

Matt Newcombe 3,245,000

Aaron Massey 2,890,000

Peter Zhmutski 2,865,000

Andy Robinson 2,135,000

Richard Tygum 2,095,000

Patricia Cardner 1,200,000

Cord Garcia 1,090,000

Chris Hooper 1,050,000

Justin Gardenhire 905,000

Matt Shepsky 820,000

Mark Kehrees 745,000

Brad Tucker 640,000

Sam Murphy 535,000

Ron Roberts 435,000

Jay Merchant 300,000