World Poker Tour Dublin Day 1a – Nock Has Early Lead

Last night saw the start of one of the first major events to take place in 2013, with the WPT Dublin getting underway with the first flight of Day 1. Are there any better locations to kick off the poker season than in the Guinness capital of the world? We certainly cannot, however it wouldn’t matter to us too much on where the first event was played as long as there was one, after the Christmas break we have been gagging for some poker action.

The €1.200+€120 event is being hosted at the Citywest Hotel and is already looking like it is going to be a frenetic affair, especially with names like Andy Black, Vladimir Geshkenbein, James Dempsey and Sofia Lovgran amongst the 66 players that registered for Day 1a.

Of those 66, there were just 17 players that managed to survive into Day 2 on Sunday, with them having to wait on who will be joining them from Day 1b today.

Though it has been a quiet Day 1a, we are expecting a fair few more for the second flight of Day 1, though it will have to be a huge field to beat the total attendance at last year’s event. There were 338 players that took part last time around with the eventual winner being Dave Swallow, who managed to get past Chaz Chattha during the heads up session to take home a score of $289,032.

Jeremey nock is the player out in front at the moment after he managed to amass a good stack size of 227,200, which is a good 70k ahead of noel O’Brien in second place. He played consistently well all day and if he was honest would admit that he ran well too.

He will not be thinking too far ahead though as he will know there is still a very long way to go and a field full of players who are more than capable of pulling him back in.

The Current Top Ten!

Jeremy Nock – 227,200

Noel O’Brien – 158,000

Lloyd Healy – 131,200

Daniel Hardy – 126,200

Joachim Haraldstad – 125,500

Sean Prendiville – 125,000

Simon Deadman -102,000

Chris Kiefert – 95,500

Rory Brown – 95,300

David Wilkes – 86,200

Just outside of the top 10 are players such as Andy Black who is sitting on 71,800 chips and Tommy O’Rourke doing slightly better with 83,600.

We will let you know just how Day 1b turns out, as soon as we know ourselves. We will probably be putting up a report around this time tomorrow, so be sure to check us out.