WPT Emperors Palace Poker Classic – Day 1a

With the Main Event of the WPT South Africa getting underway yesterday, it is certainly fair to say that the South Africans know how to have a good time. The atmosphere was truly fantastic and they have been loving this tournament ever since it started earlier in the week.

Day 1a saw a field of 74 players emerge to the tables, of which by the end of the day that field had been literally cut in half to just 34 remaining. They had been through ten levels of blinds with them finishing on the blinds being at 500/1000 with a 100 ante.

As the day finished it was Dominik Nitsche who had proved to be the standout player as he topped the leader board quite significantly. He held 225,700 chips which also held quite a gap to his next challenger Gideon Scheepers who was on 139,200.

Nitcshe has been threatening to win another major event for a few months now, always being there or thereabouts in the big events. This one could be his, yet as we know there is still a very long way to go just yet.

Other notables in the event include Chris Moneymaker who was eliminated fairly early on by Emmanuel Kistan, former World Champion Joe Cada who actually found himself eliminated not too long after he had sat down and Raymond Rahme.

It was Nitsche though that was certainly grabbing all of the attention as his stack just kept growing and growing. When you are running well you are running good and that was proven in one massive hand against Claude Sacks.

Nitsche put his entire stack on the line for a semi-bluff when holding 8x-6x on a board of 8x-4x-2x-Ax, Sacks made the call holding Ax-Qx and was well in front at that stage. Yet a 6x fell on the river to see both his opponent being eliminated unluckily and the spoils of the pot heading his way.

Current Top 10:

Dominik Nitchse – 225,700

Gideon Scheepers – 139,200

Ryan Price – 129,100

Nick Wilson 123,700

Shaolin Lee Govender – 90,800

Mauro De Rose – 89,100

William Ross – 89,100

Jaime Vilela – 87,000

Andre Steenkamp – 83,900

Huawei Sun – 81,800

Day 1b will be getting underway at 2pm SAST with the numbers expected to be much greater than the opening day figures. Some of the names that are expected to be playing are players such as Liv Boeree, the winner of the $1000 side event Melanie Weisner, McLean Karr and a whole host of others.

If the first flights atmosphere was anything to go by, Day 1b should see the same if not more of the party spirit. Come back tomorrow as we bring you a full report on just what happens.