World Poker Tour National Vienna – Kogovsek Takes Title

Tuesday saw the completion of yet another poker tournament when the World Poker Tour National Series in Vienna Main Event produced a winner. The winner on this occasion was the young Slovenian poker pro Tomaz Kogovsek, who managed to circumvent the large original field in the €1,100 No Limit Hold’em event.

There were some big names scattered all throughout this event including Peter Kamaras, Thomas Muhlocker and Robert Heidorn. He actually went in to the final table as the chip leader and went from strength to strength as he dominated it right up until he got heads up against Thomas Muhlocker.

The first to be eliminated from the final table was the short stack Blaz Svara who pushed all-in with an A-J only to be behind to Kogovsek’s pocket eights, the community cards didn’t help to improve his hand and he was eliminated for a payout of €8,100. This set off a flurry of players heading to the exits as we lost three in pretty quick succession.

Robert Heidorn, Shai Zarr and Predrag Kecojevic were all eliminated in the space of 30 minutes as they tried to make moves to improve their chip stacks on the final table. Heidorn pushed all-in with K-K and would have felt confident of doubling up but lost out when an ace on the turn allowed his opponent to crack his cowboys.

Zarr then got caught out with an audacious bluff on the river and was caught out by Muhlocker who was holding the nut straight. Then we lost Kecojevic just a few minutes later when his pocket nines came up against Kamaras pocket nines pre-flop and didn’t improve.

This left us with just four players looking to win the title, though it was Kamaras who was next to go, with him taking a payout of €20,260 for his efforts.

The final three spent the next 40 minutes battling against each other but in fairness the next elimination was always going to be Taborsky as he was the short stack the entire time. He never seemed to be able to make any head way against his heavier stacked opponents and finally fell in third place.

Heads Up!

This left us heads up between Kogovsek and Muhlocker, with the session lasting a good hour in which Muhlocker had started to establish a good lead. It didn’t last for too long though as Kogovsek fought his way back and pushed himself in front, which is when the chips all finally went into the middle.

He got lucky in the final hand though as his A-8 managed to outdraw his opponents A-K and give him the title and payout of €42,250.

The Final Standings!

1 Tomaž Kogovšek €60,600

2 Thomas Mühlöcker €42,550

3 David Taborsky €27,370

4 Peter Kamaras €20,260

5 Predrag Kecojevic €15,210

6 Shai Zurr €12,160

7 Robert Heidorn €10,100

8 Blaz Svara €8,100