WPT South Africa Main Event Day 1b– Devachander In Front

Day 1b was completed yesterday of the WPT South Africa Main Event as the second flight attracted 148 players. Out of all of those that started there were just 80 who made it through to Day 2 of the event, with the man at the top of the chip counts being Sunil Devachander.

He has 215,800 which is a tiny amount clear of his next rival Wesley Weigand who has 212,800. The 80 survivors will now be added to the 34 that made it through Day 1a, though there is also an extra special twist this time around. Any of the players that have been eliminated and have yet to use their re-buy option, have right up until the start of Day 2 to re-register back in to the event.

This means that the true number to be playing on Day 2 is yet to be known, as well as the prize pool just yet. If nobody takes up that re-buy option we will have 114 players looking to get to Day 3.

Notable Players!

Amongst the big names to enter on Day 1b, we had Liv Boeree, Chris Moneymaker, Joe Cada and Melanie Weisner. Though the latter two utilised their re-buy opportunity as they were both eliminated on Day 1a.

As the afternoon started getting into the swing of things, there was one man that was grabbing most of the attention, Jason Hartman. He came out like a rocket in the early stages of the tournament; he was like a steam train rolling over everybody.

In fact by about just halfway through the day’s action he had already built up a stack of 250k, now when you consider that the chip leader from Day 1a only finished with 227,500 you can see just how devastating he was.

That run lasted right up until the final level of play where he lost most of his stack in a monster hand versus Sanil Devachander. Devachander cleverly limped into the pot with pocket aces, Hartman raised it to 5,500, Devachander re-raised to 12,000 with Hartman deciding to call.

The flop came down 7x-7x-5x, both players checked and an Ax came on the turn, Devachander bet out 25,000 and Hartman called. The river showed an 8x and Devachander pushed all-in, Hartman was holding an A-J and made the call only to see most of his hard work going down the pan in one go.

The Top Ten Chip Counts From Day 1b:

Sunil Devachander – 215,800

Wesley Weigand – 212,800

Jerome Bradpiece – 165,000

Kosta Mamaliadis – 150,000

Melanie Weisner – 148,000

Tyronne Sacks – 146,900

Conrad Coetzer – 145,300

Gareth Kalil – 131,200

Greg Ronaldson – 110,500

Nina Hashemi – 102,000