World Poker Tour Vienna – Kogovsek In Pole Position On Final Table

chip stacks

The World Poker Tour Vienna National Main Event has been quietly going on in the background throughout the last few days, with the Montesino Casino hosting the €1,100 NLHE event. It has now reached the final table and the player that has emerged as the chip leader is Tomaz Kegovsek ho hails from Slovenia.

The final table of eight is an extremely multi-national affair as there are seven different nationalities on display with players from Germany, Montenegro, Austria, Hungary, Israel, Czech Republic and of course the Slovenian chip leader.

The Start Of Day 2 saw 76 players returning to the felt with just 36 of them potentially able to make the money paying places. There was a whole host of notable players taking part such as Bodo Sbrzeesny, David Taborsky and Thomas Muhlocker.

The Tail Of Two Bubbles!

There were actually two bubbles today with one being for the paying places and the other for that prestigious final table. The player who was unfortunate to finish in 37th place and just one place short of the pay was that of Emil Hegedus who lost a coin flip with his A-K against an opponent’s pocket queens.

The bubble boy for the final table was Thomas Duta who found himself busted out of the tournament just one place short of the final table by Thomas Muhlocker.

The final table is set to start today at 2pm local time, with the winner set to take down a total of €60,600 for his troubles. Each of the final table players are guaranteed a payout of at least €8,100 whilst they will all be looking to secure much more than that.

Below we have supplied the seat draw to the final table whilst also the chip counts of each player at that final table. When play resumes the blinds will start at 8,000/16,000 with an ante of 2,000.

World Poker Tour Vienna Final Table:

Seat One: David Taborsky,1,466,000

Seat Two: Peter Kamaras, 365,000

Seat Three: Blaz Svara, 348,000

Seat Four: Predrag Kecojevic, 525,000

Seat Five Thomas Mühlöcker, 492,000

Seat Six: Robert Heidorn, 358,000

Seat Seven: Shai Zurr, 385,000

Seat Eight: Tomaz Kogovsek, 1,715,000

Each of the players left at the final table will surely have huge aspirations o go on and win the title, the winner’s cheque and all of the bragging rights that come along with such a victory. As soon as we know who wins the event we will bring you the report to keep you well informed on what exactly happened. So make sure you check back tomorrow for that full update.