World Series Of Poker Circuit Horseshoe Day 2

Yesterday saw Day 2 of the WSOP Circuit Horseshoe event get wrapped up, with the chip leader emerging as Chad Eveslage. The day lasted a long 13 hours with the 140 players that originally sat down being reduced to just 21 who will be coming back on Day 3.

Chad Eveslage was certainly the success story of the day as he managed to rack up 840k in chips, which is almost 300k more than his closest rival. Jason Stanford has 599k, John Tate is not too far behind with 516k and Sean Winter is a little further back with 470k.

Other notables who will feel they still have a chance are Charles Furey, Dan Heimeiller, Kevin Davis and the in-form Ilias Kellikidis.

Difficulties In Getting The Day Started!

The start of the day’s action was actually delayed through a combination of re-draw issues and major traffic concerns after a train had blocked the highway meaning that many of the players were unable to get there on time.

Once the action did get underway though with players falling left right and centre. That was until the bubble started to approach, it finally came a couple of hours after the dinner break with the player to finish in the worst position of all being Robert Scott.

Of the players that are struggling we have Kathy Liebert who is now the events short stack, whilst players such as Yussi Azulay, Stephen Boker, Kenny Nguyen and the super aggressive Tim Chang are not much further ahead.

Liebert was actually one of the roller coaster movers on Day 2 as she went from short stack up to being amongst the leaders, to falling right down the bottom again as the day ended. On her brief rise to the top she doubled up against Sean Winter, and then found herself all-in on the turn of a hand when she held pocket aces. The board read 7s-5s-2d-7d with the river card bringing the 3d which gave her the victory her opponent who held a lower pocket pair with the eights.

The Current Top Ten:

1 Chad Eveslage 840,000

2 Jason Stanford 599,000

3 John Tate 516,000

4 Sean Winter 470,000

5 Charles Furey 445,000

6 Kevin Davis 420,000

7 Ilias Kellikidis 411,000

8 Dan Heimiller 374,000

9 Bryan Dillon 359,000

10 Neil Harding 296,000

Play at the WSOP Circuit Horseshoe will continue today at 1pm EST, dependent on traffic of course. Day 3 promises to see some high class poker right at the business end of the event, of which we will be here to let you know how it all unfolds.