World Series Of Poker Europe Day 4 – Roundup

Aces for the big blind

Monday saw Day 4 of the World Series Of Poker Europe come to an end without any new bracelet winners as of yet. However there were still plenty of stories to keep us all interested, as we had two events working their way near to completion.

There was Day 2 of Event Number 2 NLHE €1,100 with there being just 15 of the original 98 that started the day remaining. Antonio Esfandiari is currently sitting second in that event and is certainly one of the favourites to win.

Day 1 of Event Number 3 also kicked off, the €5,300 PLHE included big names such as Jason Mercier and Joe Hachem and is looking to be a hard fought contest.

€1,100 NLHE Day 2 Event 2

There was originally 626 players that started this event, with 98 of them surviving through to Day 2, with that number ultimately being whittled down to just the final 15 players.

The chip leader by the end of the day was Antonine Teisseire who managed to amass a chip stack of 269,500. He will be aware however that he is only around 5k better of than Esfandiari in second place. The big talking point of Day 2 was about just who would be making it into the top 63 players to be paid.

The prize pool for the event is $600,960 and each of those 63 would be getting a share, yet this meant that 35 players on Day 2 would be going home with nothing for their two days work.

Of the bigger names to miss out were Greg Merson, David Benyamine and Ozzy Sheikh; however it was the bubble boy Jean Marie Morvan that would feel the worst as he was eliminated just one place short of those paying positions.

Players To Finish In The Money!

Of the players that made the money but still busted out on Day 2 we had Dominik Nitsche, Renaud Blangiardi, Erik Cajelais, Gil George and Daniel Weinman. These players may well be disappointed to be out of the event yet at least they have managed to take something home for their efforts.

Players that are still in the event include the former chip leader Ashley Butler, Casey Kastle, Joe Kuether, W.J Vincent and Mclean Karr. Each of these will be looking to fire themselves further up the rankings when Day 3 comes along.

€5,300 PLHE Event 3 Day 1

This event attracted 97 of the world’s best tournament players, all of which hoping to achieve the glory associated with winning a WSOPE event. By the end of the day just 25 remained though with the chip leader being Erich Kollman.

Kollman has 127,500 chips and has a fairly large advantage over the second placed player who is Bruno Fitoussi with 108,600.

Come back tomorrow to find out exactly who manages to take down both of these WSOPE events.