World Series Of Poker Europe Main Event Day 2

The World Series Of Poker Europe Main Event continued with Day 2 yesterday as Michael Mizrachi sat at the felt as the overall chip leader. The NLHE €10,450 Main Event saw the combined total 230 players from Day 1a and Day 1b coming together for the first time, only to be whittled down to 80 players by the end of play.

As the final 80 was established that would be making their way into Day 3 it was no longer Michael Mizrachi who was the chip leader, it was now Sergii Baranov who had that advantage as he held 607k in chips.

Baranov had an excellent day at the office which all begun in an early hand where he and Micah Smith decided to check a river on a board of 4d-Kd-9c-Js-8s. There was only 20k in the pot with Baranov holding and showing the Jc-6c which gave him second pot and the pot as Smith mucked his cards. Though it was not a big pot it set him on his way in the day as he continually built up his stack.


Michael Mizrachi began the day as the chip leader with 234,850 chips and was many peoples favourite to make use of that advantage to further increase his standing in this event, yet Day 2 was not a good day for him. The player in second place at the beginning of the day was Bertrand Grospellier who is another well known and respected player in his own right.

Whilst Mizrachi struggled, Grospellier seemed to continue where he left off on Day 1b. He played his usual patient game and gradually built his stack in the right spots whilst Mizrachi fell in the opposite direction.

Mizrachi’s style is the complete opposite of Grosspellier as patience is certainly not one of Mizrahi’s strong points, he plays a loose aggressive game and likes to get involved, yet on this occasion it was certainly his downfall. He was eventually eliminated during the 11th level whilst Grosspellier stuck around the top ten chip stacks.

Others who didn’t fare so well on Day 2 were Joe Hachem, Greg Merson, Antonio Esfandiari, Vanessa Rousso, Phil Ivey and Steve O’Dwyer who were also eliminated.

Though we certainly lost some big names there were plenty more to keep us interested as Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu, Jason Mercier and Elio Fox were all still in with a shout in the Main Event and will progress to Day 3.

The Top Ten Leaderboard!

1 Sergii Baranov 607,000

2 Axel Pergolizzi 419,400

3 Vladimir Troyanovskiy 375,100

4 Phil Hellmuth 364,900

5 Maxime Conte 342,300

6 Lifeng Chen 340,500

7 Huichen Kuo 339,950

8 Max Silver 333,600

9 Joseph Cheong 328,400

10 Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier 326,700