World Series Of Poker Main Event Final Table Coming This Sunday

The wait is almost over; this Sunday the 28th of October will see the Rio All Suites Casino in Las Vegas host the World Series Of Poker Main Event Final Table. For the remaining nine players that have made it this far, there is a payday of $8.5 million awaiting the player that comes out on top.

Of course this event is about more than just money, there is the poker immortality it brings to any winner of the WSOP Main Event. Though many are claiming that this year maybe a little different, let me explain.

Ever since the WSOP decided to include a format where the final was played out months later than the rest of the tournament in either October or November in 2009, it has added that something extra to the event as it has allowed for anticipation and more media attention for the players in the buildup.

The reason this year has not been as anticipated as previous years in because the final table does not hold the same amount of genuine poker stars as in the past. Previously there were always the likes of players such as Phil Ivey, Michael Mizrachi and Ben Lamb; these were the players that the public wanted to see competing at the very highest level.

In fact the only big name on the table is that of Greg Merson; however this is what the WSOP Main Event is all about. It is a chance for players to make a name for themselves, so with that in mind, whilst it isn’t the star studded final table people would have liked, it should still be interesting to see who wants this win more than anyone else.

Here is a reminder of who is sat on that final nine come Sunday:

Seat 1: Russell Thomas – 24,800,000

• Seat 2: Jacob Balsiger – 13,115,000

• Seat 3: Jeremy Ausmus – 9,805,000

• Seat 4: Steven Gee – 16,860,000

• Seat 5: Greg Merson – 28,725,000

• Seat 6: Jesse Sylvia – 43,875,000

• Seat 7: Robert Salaburu – 15,155,000

• Seat 8: Andras Koroknai – 29,375,000

• Seat 9: Michael Esposito – 16,260,000

Admittedly, that final table resembles more of one that you would find at a WSOP circuit event or a Heartland Poker Tour final table, with many fans not even having a favourite on the table to support. Perhaps it is just a one off though, this is how stars are made after all and perhaps we will discover a new player that we can pull for in years to come.