World Series of Poker 2014 Main Event records

Record Breaker

Even the best things eventually come to an end, and the World Series of Poker 2014 makes no exception. After a month of nonstop action, the flagship tournament reached its final stage, with the number of surviving players being reduced to nine. Action resumes four months from now, when the celebrated “November Nine” return to Las Vegas for the final table.

The winner is expected to win the first prize worth $10 million and for the first time in decades, the final table is populated mostly by players residing outside of the United States. Out of nine players, only four are Americans, with players from Greece, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands and Brazil competing for the ultimate prize in live poker.

It took a total of 10 days for the “November Nine” to be decided, but it was all worth it, as the finalists will compete for a combined amount of more than $25 million. The one who will be sent first to the rail will still scoop a consolation prize exceeding $730,000, but the lion’s share will go to the ones who finish on the podium.

Check out the complete payout structure below:

1st place – $10,000,000
2nd place – $5,145,968
3rd place – $3,806,402
4th place – $2,848,833
5th place – $2,143,174
6th place – $1,622,080
7th place – $1,235,862
8th place – $947,077
9th place – $730,725

Jorryt van Hoof from the Netherlands is in prime position for winning the tournament, as he sits on a significant stack. With 38 million chips to his name, he has a significant lead over the pack, although runner-up Felix Stephensen from the United States has also crossed the psychological threshold of 30 million chips. Mark Newhouse, also from the US, is the third in line, but unlike his opponents he has the advantage of having played in the final stage of the World Series of Poker 2014 Main Event before.

By reaching the final table at the WSOP for the second time in consecutive years, Mark has set a new record and has enough chips to aspire for a better placement than in 2013. Martin Jacobson and Bruno Politano are also among those who will return to Las Vegas this November and both of them are well-versed in the art of playing live tournaments.

Only four months separate us from knowing the name of the winner of the World Series of Poker 2014 Main Event and this is the full lineup for the final table:

Seat 1 – Billy Pappaconstantinou, Greece – 17,500,000
Seat 2 – Felix Stephensen, United States – 32,775,000
Seat 3 – Jorryt van Hoof, Netherlands – 38,375,000
Seat 4 – Mark Newhouse, United States – 26,000,000
Seat 5 – Andoni Larrabe, Spain – 22,550,000
Seat 6 – William Tonking, United States – 15,050,000
Seat 7 – Daniel Sindelar, United States – 21,200,000
Seat 8 – Martin Jacobson, Stockholm – 14,900,000
Seat 9 – Bruno Politano, Brazil – 12,125,000