Could This Be The World’s Most Attractive Poker Dealer?

Woman in casino

We often concentrate most our articles on poker players, tournaments and any significant news that impacts upon the game but we very rarely talk about another very important part of the scene in the poker dealers.

Well an article at caught our attention for rather obvious reasons after they spoke about Franchesca Del Carpio, an extremely beautiful poker dealer/model. They claimed that she could possibly be the most attractive dealer in California, yet we are wondering if she could be the most attractive across a wider area such as perhaps on the whole planet?

She is a dealer for Diamond Flush Entertainment and has made a number of appearances in casinos across the state. Her first career choice though is of course modelling where she has started to become noticed on a much larger scale across each of the social media that she uses. She has featured in many of the top men’s magazines such as Maxim and Lowrider and has now just recently been seen on the cover of Wheels and Mags.

She is of Italian, Columbian, Dutch and Peruvian decent and many have tipped her to go far in both industries.

So is she really the most attractive around? Would be great to hear of some competition. Anyhow, we feel the world is going to be hearing a lot more about Franchesca over the coming months and years.