WPT Baden Main Event Day 1a – Kurko Takes Slender Lead

shutterstock_97474286We only had to wait a day since the UKIPT Cork Main event was completed before we had yet another tournament getting underway, with this one being Day 1 of the World Poker Tour Baden Main Event.

At the start of play we had 104 players opting to take part which was practically halved to just 54 by the time the day had come to an end. There will be the usual larger field expected for today’s Day 1b, however for the time being the current player who tops the chip counts is Kimmo Kurko after he gathered together 149,700 chips by the time the action had been completed.

Kurko in fact pretty much led for most of the day; with him already in front before the first break of the day. He achieved that early lead by eliminating Corbin White after hitting trip nines on the flop whilst his opponent had top pair with his A-K finding a king on the flop.

After the break he carried on where he had left off, though he did lose the lead for a short time to Shatilov. He quickly got that back though after taking down some impressive pots.

He doesn’t have what you might call a commanding lead though, with a number of players chasing him down. He has Andrey Shatilov on 134,700, Stjepan Jokic on 130,300 and Robert Hoogendoorn on 128,000 all keeping the leader within reach.

Notables In The Field!

There are some very big names taking part in this €3,300 buy-in affair, with Steve O’Dwyer, Kara Scott and European Player Of The Year Marvin Rettenmaier still going strong and seeing themselves into Day 2.

There were other names that were not quite so lucky, as we lost Sergey Vasilyev, Vladimir Geshkenbein, Sergii Baranov, Mickey Petersen and British player Barny Boatman. Though as this is a re-buy event, they will all have the chance to buy back in for Day 1b today, so it will be interesting to see which ones do just that.

Day 1b starts at 2pm CET with that expected larger field having their final chance of making it into Day 2 of the event. We are already thinking just what other big names will be showing up for the second flight!

The Current Top Ten!

Kimmo Kurko – 149,700

Andrey Shatilov – 134,700

Stjepan Jokic – 130,300

Robert Hoogendoorn – 128,000

Ismael Bojang – 118,000

Steve O’Dwyer – 118,000

Oswin Ziegelbecker – 115,100

Alban Juen – 103,300

Mihails Morozovs – 100,300

Andreas Zauner – 92,900