WPT Baden Main Event Day 2 – Sbrzesny Heads Final 44

shutterstock_38509237The Casino Baden in Austria hosted the Day 2 of the World Poker Tour Baden Main Event yesterday, with 131 survivors from the opening flights of Day 1 taking their places on the felt in an attempt to be one of the lucky players to make it through to Day 3.

Amongst those players were some heavy hitters in the world of poker, as we saw Marvin Rettenmaier, Kara Scott, Steve O’Dwyer, Kimmo Kurko and Andrey Shatilov all except for O’Dwyer doing enough to see another day’s worth of action later today.

As the dust had settled on the event there were just 44 of those players remaining, though 17 of those will still be going home with nothing as only the top 27 players will be receiving any of the prize pool.

Bodo Sbrzesny is the man that the players will be chasing going into Day 3, though he only has a slight lead of 2k at the top over Vishal Pundjabi. He is sitting on 403k chips compared to his opponents 401k with him only being a further 6k ahead of Day 1a chip leader Kimmo Kurko in third place with 395,500.

With things so tight at the top, it means we are going to have a very interesting Day 4, with us expecting that chip lead to change on numerous occasions. Just below is the current top ten in this event:

The Current Top Ten!

Bodo Sbrzesny – (403,000)

Vishal Pundjabi – (401,000)

Kimmo Kurko – (395,500)

Ryan O’Donnell – (361,000)

Stjepan Jokic – (342,500)

Martin Staszko – (287,500)

Paul Berende – (286,500)

Mitchell Johnson – (285,000)

Cristian Mihu – (260,000)

Marvin Rettenmaier – (248,500)

We also have the bubble to look forward to on Day 3, with just 17 more players to go before the reminding players know that they have at least earned $8,634 and possibly as much as $271,258 come the end of the event.

None of these players will be wanting to finish as the tournaments bubble boy however, as there really is no worse place to finish in any poker tournament. Any player would rather be the first one eliminated than the last one before the pay structure begins.

The Remaining Payouts!

1st – ($271,258)

2nd – ($172,695)

3rd – ($11,587)

4th – ($81,034)

5th – ($59,496)

6th – ($47,820)

7th – ($38,522)

8th – ($31,217)

9th – ($23,911)

10th – 12th – ($17,269)

13th – 15th – ($14,612)

16th – 18th – ($12,221)

19th – 21st – ($10,760)

22nd – 24th – ($9,564)

25th – 27th – ($8,634)

Join us again tomorrow when we provide a recap of Day 3 of this event, with it promising to yet another high class display of poker action.