WPT Baden Main Event Day 4 – Bozinovic Still In Front

shutterstock_93812086We are now into the final stretch of the World Poker Tour Baden Main Event with yesterday seeing the last 27 of the original 254 starters in this event playing in Day 4 and being reduced to the final table of six left to challenge for the title.

Those six will now to be attempting to take home the largest share of the remaining prize pool, the top prize being $272,258 whilst the minimum they will win is $47,820.

As Day 4 started out it was Vladimir Bozinovic who was the chip leader, with the same man finishing the day in the very same place as he added even more chips to his stack to end up with a total of 1,985,000. Chasing him down though is European Player of the Year for 2012 Marvin Rettenmaier who has his eyes set on another title with 1,565,000 chips.

At one point during the day though the top two clashed and Rettenmaier could have actually been out of the event but for the river card. Rettenmaier attempted to steal the pot after pushing all-in after Bozinovic had three bet him.

His opponent called though and Rettenmaier was well behind with the Ks-9h against his opponents As-Qc. He got lucky when the board fell as the 10c-8c-8s-4s-Kd to double him up and become Bozinovic’s main opponent.

Players We Lost On Day 4!

We lost a number of players, with Bodo Sbrzesny, Ismael Bojang, Klaus Stanek and Rien De Vries being the most notable of the ones heading for the exits.

With regards to Sbrzesny, his event came to an end when he was eliminated in 8th place after becoming a short stack and pushing with the Kd-3d. Paul Berende was waiting with the Ah-Ks though and made an easy call. He would have been worried though after the Kc, 8d and 3c had fallen by the turn, yet an eight fell on the river to double the board and give him two pair with the best kicker.

The Final Table!

Vladimir Bozinovic – 1,985,000

Marvin Rettenmaier – 1,565,000

Paul Berende – 1,305,000

Oswin Ziegelbecker – 1,150,000

Kimmo Kurko – 1,090,000

Grzegorz Wyraz – 550,000

Day 5 gets underway a little later today, with it kicking off at 2pm CET. B the time this final session ends, we will know our latest WPT title holder, as well as which players earn what payouts from the list below.

What They Are Playing For!

1st – $271,258

2nd – $172,695

3rd – $11,587

4th – $81,034

5th – $59,496

6th – $47,820