WPT Baden Main Event Day 5 – Bozinovic Secures Title

shutterstock_107232710Just a few hours ago we saw another poker event in 2013 completed, with the final table of six at the World Poker Tour Baden Main Event being whittled right down to a winner. These six players were all that remained from the 254 original starters, with each of them looking to add a WPT title to their C.V’s.

Marvin Rettenmaier was looking to add his third and actually become only the third person to actually achieve triple WPT titles. As things turned out however, it wasn’t to be this time as Vladimir Bozinovic won the event after just three levels of play. He took down the first place payout of $271,258 and of course the illustrious title.

The Final Table Chip Counts!

Vladimir Bozinovic – (1,985,000)

Marvin Rettenmaier – (1,565,000)

Paul Berende – (1,305,000)

Oswin Ziegelbecker – (1,150,000)

Kimmo Kurko – (1,090,000)

Grzegorz Wyraz – (550,000)

Once the final table got underway, the fans on the rail didn’t have too long to wait for that all important first elimination. The elimination went to form and was in fact the short stack Grzegorz Wyraz when he shoved whilst holding pocket fives, but was called by the pocket sixes of Oswin Ziegelbecker who made a set on the turn to send his opponent home in 6th position.

Just a short while after, it was Rettenmaier who was the shock elimination. He pushed with the Kh-Qs and was snap called by Kimmo Kurko who held the Ac-Qc. The board improved neither hand which meant that Rettenmaier was out in fifth place.

Kurko then went and lost a handful of big hands before calling off all of his chips when Bozinovic pushed all-in. Kurko would have been delighted to discover he was in front with his Ah-Js against the Ks-9c of his opponent, yet the Kh-10c-3h-3s-10d board sent him packing in 4th place.

Bozinovic was then responsible for bringing the game down from three players to two when he again came from behind when holding the Ac-10c vs. the As-Kh of Ziegelbecker. The board came down as the Ah-Qc-7s-10s-2h to prove that it was certainly looking to be his title.

The final hand between Bozinovic and Berende saw them hold similar cards with the As-9s and Ac-8c respectively, this gave Bozinovic the slight lead and when the board fell as the Qc-10h-2h-5d-Ad the title was now his along with the first place payout.

How It Finished!

Vladimir Bozinovic – $271,258

Paul Berende – $172,695

Oswin Ziegelbecker – $111,587

Kimmo Kurko – $81,034

Marvin Rettenmaier – $59,496

Grzegorz Wyraz – $47,820