WPT Borgata Open Day 2 – Young Heads The Pack

quad aces and chips

The World Poker Tour Borgata Open is starting to get to the exciting end of business as Day 2 was played out. There are now just 174 players remaining, with Orson Young proving on this occasion to be the best of the bunch as he led the field by the end of the day with a chip stack of 728,000.

He was followed by David Diaz who has 541,900, Stephen Reynolds who was just a little behind with 510,600 and then Cherish Andrews who was holding her own with 495,300.

Those Who Fell!

There were a good selection of notable players taking part in Day 2, yet not all of them managed to survive to take part on Day 3. David Paredes , Harrison Gimbel, Jared Hamby were all eliminated during Day 2.Joining them were a whole host of previous WPT champions such as Andy Frankeberger, Gavin Smith, Matt Salsberg, Tommy Vedes, Carlos Mortensen, Cornel Cimpan, Lee Markholt and Oliver Busquet.

The 2011 WPT Player of the Year Joe Serock was also eliminated when he went all-in with A-9 when up against the 10d-8d of Josh Templeton with the board giving Templeton the straight when it fell Qh-6d-4h-5h-7s.

Frankenberger was eliminated during the 13th level when he pushed all-in with two pair whilst holding the A-J on a flop of A-K-J, though unfortunately for him his opponent was holding the Q-10 and had flopped a straight. The remaining two cards failed to help out Frankenberger and he headed for the exits.

The Bubble Approaches!

On Day 3 we will see the bubble bursting as only 110 players can make a cash out in this tournament. So the remaining players will be forced to try and reconcile their positions until the bubble has been safely popped.

One of the players that will not worry too much about the bubble though is Cherish Adams as she shits high up on the leaderboard. She has played very well throughout the tournament and continued that form today and is on course to make her very first cash at a WPT event.

In one of her hands she had raised to 5k from a middle position pre-flop, Jeff Gross was the only player to enter the hand with her as he raised another 21,800 with Andrews then pushing it up to 55,000. Gross again re-raised to 84,800 and Andrews decided she had enough of this and pushed all-in, Gross called instantly.

Gross smugly turned over the Ah-Ac whilst Andrews flipped over the Qc-Qs. Gross was looking good on the flop as it came Jd-4h-3d but with the turn card being a Qh he was suddenly behind. The river didn’t help either as it was the 10s and Andrews won a fortunate hand.

That pot gave her a chip count of over 500k and put her right up amongst the leaders of the tournament.

Join us tomorrow as we bring you all of the action from Day 3, can Andrews push on and challenge Young? She may well do!