WPT Borgata Open – Hamnett Takes The Title

pocket quad aces

Another tournament came to an end today as the World Poker Tour Borgata Poker Open ran through to completion. The new WPT title holder is Ben Hamnett who put in a storming final table performance to take down the title and the $818,847 winner’s cheque.

The final table was six handed and included Matthew Burnitz, David Diaz, Tyler Patterson, Steve Brecher and Ofir Mor and of course the eventual winner Ben Hamnett.

The chip leader coming into the final table was Burnitz and he was involved in the first most meaningful hand of the day when he bet 325,00 from under the gun. Hamnett then raised to 525,000 with Burnitz calling quickly.

The flop came down Jc-8d-4d and Burnitz checked and then called the bet of 445,000 from Hamnett, the turn card fell as Ad. Burnitz again checked and called a bet from Hamnett with this one being a huge 1.21 million. The 7c completed the hands on the river with Burnitz again checking with Hamnett pushing all-in, Burnitz called.

Hamnett showed the Ah-Qd whilst Burnitz lost out simply due to the kicker when he had Ac-9s. This really crippled Burinitz yet it wasn’t for long as just a couple of hands later he won a pot against the same player for 2.7 million.


The first elimination of the night took a while to come, however when it did it was Diaz who headed for the exits. He was eliminated by Brechner who then became the next player to be knocked out as he was beaten by Hamnetts Kd-10d whilst holding the 10h-9s. Mor was next to go in fourth place which left us with just three player remaining.

The first hand that actually occurred when three handed led Burnitz to win a massive 6.23 million pot from Patterson, this crippled the player and he was soon eliminated a few hands later.

This left us heads up between Burnitz and Hamnett with the latter having double the amount of chips of his opponent. Burnitz did start well and actually started to claw back at that deficit, however he lost a huge 7.5 million in one hand to put himself in real trouble. Hamnett continued to press and bully and eventually Burnitz was down to just 5 million which resulted in him pushing all in with the Kc-Qh and being called by Hamnett and his 7c-5d on a river of Jh-5c-2h.

That was game over with both players being more than satisfied with their performances.

1st Ben Hamnett $818,847

2nd Matthew Burnitz $488,850

3rd Tyler Patterson $298,950

4th Ofir Mor $250,065

5th Steve Brecher $206,821

6th David Diaz $167,337