WPT Borgata Poker Open Day 3 – Eskandar In Front

pair of aces and chips

Yesterday we saw the World Poker Tour Borgata Open Day 3 run through to completion, with 174 players out of the original 1,181 coming back to the felt. By the end of Day 3 that number had been reduced to just 27 whilst the bubble was also burst. The chip leader after getting through all of that was Patrick Eskandar who built up a commanding stack of 2,972 million chips.

Eskandar best ever performance probably came at the 2010 WSOP where he had an excellent deep run and ended up finishing in 20th place for a total of $317,161, since then he has managed only a 49th place finish in a WPT event in the same year.

With only the top 110 players being paid in this event it meant that we had to lose 64 players, which once the first elimination came it pushed open the flood gates. Of the notables to hit the rail there was Barry Greenstein, Alexander Queen, Darren Elias, Josh Brikis and the super aggressive Matt Glantz.

The Bubble!

We eventually got to the bubble when there were just 112 players left in the action, with Bobby Oboodi being the next to fall. He was a short stack at that time and decided to push all in when under the gun to the tune of 50,000. The guy in the small blind decided to call as anyone would whilst holding the A-s-Ac, this put Oboodi in severe trouble as he was only holding the 9h-9c. The community cards were of no use at all as they came Ks-Qs-2c-3s and Oboodi fell in 112th place.

With him gone it meant we needed just one more player to be eliminated before everybody else got paid. It was Albert Smith who was to be the unfortunate bubble boy, who pushed in with the Ah-Ks to be called by Andrew Lee and his As-Qc. It looked very good for him until the community cards showed 7h-7s-4c-Qh-Ad which gave the hand to Lee with two pair.

That Set Things Off!

As always in an event such as this, once that bubble was burst and players knew they were going to at least get something from the tournament, the eliminations came thick and fast as players tried their best to move up the rankings.

Out of the door went Day 2 chip leader Orson Young, David Pham, Tony Dunst, Dwyte Pilgrim, Irv Gotti and Shawn Busse.

Eskander may be leading, yet he will know he has a tough group of players all chasing him down on the leaderboard. Players such as Steve Brecher, Lee Childs, David Diaz and Vinny Phuja are all starting to breathe down his neck. This all just means an exciting Day 4 for us all, so come back tomorrow to see how things pan out.