WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open Day 4 – Hwang Still Leading

The World Poker Tour Borgata Winter Poker Open has now reached the final table after Day 4 saw the remaining 28 players being downsized to just the six that will be competing for the title and $730,053 first place payout.

They are all set to take home some good money though, as the minimum payout on the final table is $147,671.

Final Table Payouts!

1st – $730,053

2nd – $438,698

3rd – $265,475

4th – $222,336

5th – $182,514

6th – $147,671

The player that has the best chance of being the lone survivor right now is Andy Hwang, as he has managed to build a solid chip stack of 9,550,000 which has him nearly two million ahead of Jim Anderson in second place currently with 7,830,000.

As the day started, Hwang was in fact already the chip leader, coming into the day with 3,039,000 and never moved from that spot as he slowly but surely chipped up to the amount he holds now.

Players Lost On Day 4!

We had to lose 22 players throughout Day 4, with all of them at least going home with a payout of some kind. Joe Serock, Jamie Kerstetter, Mark Wahba, Jeremy Stein, Taylor Paur and the final table bubble boy Cuong Phung were amongst those eliminations on Day 4 and will disappointed that they could not have made it to the final table.

Cuong was actually sent to the rail during level 31, with him getting all of his chips into the middle from the button whilst holding pocket tens. He was called by Matt Haugen with the Ac-Kh and was instantly behind on the flop as it fell as the Ks-4d-5h.

He now needed one of the two remaining tens in the deck to fall on the turn or river to stay in the event, however the 3d and 2s fell instead and he was sent home with a payout of $117,805.

The final table will be played out tomorrow at 1pm ET, with the action continuing until we have just the winner of the event left standing. Can Hwang hang in there and continue his dominance? Or can one of the chasing pack make a late run and snatch the title away from him? We will have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

The Current Chip Counts!

Andy Hwang – 9,550,000

Jim Anderson – 7,830,000

Jeremy Druckman – 6,170,000

Matt Haugen – 3,235,000

Mike Gogliormella – 2,255,000

Mathew Salsberg – 1,920,000

Make sure you check back with us tomorrow as we run our last report on this event.