WPT Copenhagen Day 2 – Kjaer Out In Front

The WPT Copenhagen continued yesterday with Day 2 seeing the 229 survivors from both of the Day 1 flights being whittled right down to just 45 remaining. The player that heads those 45 is Frei Dilling Kjaer who has a slender lead at the top with 445k chips.

Right behind him though is Peter Jepsen who is a little over 10k behind with 434,400 chips, whilst Sergii Baranov and the ever aggressive Stephen O’Dwyer are both above the 400k mark too.

O’Dwyer left his charge up the rankings until late and edged over 400k in the very last level of the day, he raised a minimum pre-flop bet to be called by Astrid Kwich and saw a flop of Ah-Js-Jd. He then bet out 4,000 of which Kwich called again with the turn card then coming down as the 7h. This time he pushed out for 12,000 of which Kwich quickly called yet again, the river then fell as the 2s which prompted a final bet from O’Dwyer of 22,000, Kwich called again and flipped over the As-4s, O’Dwyer shoed the Jc-Th and took down the pot.

Big Names Eliminated On Day2!

Day 2 took the scalps of some big names on the poker scene with Nicolas Levi, Marvin Rettenmaier, Morten Christiansen, Kara Scott, Sean Jazayeri, Lars Bonding, Elisabeth Hille and Ana Marquez all hitting the rail.

Marquez lost when she raised to 3,500 with Peter Jepsen deciding to make the call holding the suited A-4. The flop couldn’t have been much better for him when it fell as A-8-4, yet Marquez bet out to 4,500. Jepsen rightly re-raised to 12,500 with his opponent making the call. The turn delivered another ace which led Marquez to check before Jepsen bet 17,000. She called and then pushed all-In on the river which came down as a nine and was instantly called by Jepsen and his full house; she was holding A-K and was eliminated.

The prize pool was also calculated yesterday with it becoming clear that the top 27 players will be receiving a payout of at least $7,171. The winner will take down an impressive $229,938 with second place taking home $145,164 and third earning $93,080.

Come back tomorrow as we bring you the full report on Day 3, filling you in on the entire goings on, eliminations and bad beats.

Current Top Ten:

Frei Dilling Kjaer – 445,500

Peter Jepson – 434,400

Sergii Baranov – 417,500

Steve O’Dwyer – 415,600

Jimmy Jonsson – 321,400

Bircan Catar – 284,300

Rasmus Agerskov – 283,500

Robin Ylitalo – 261,600

Dennis Rasmussen – 242,000

Armin Zoike – 222,800