WPT Copenhagen Main Event – Olsson Wins Title

Another World Poker Tour event has come to an end with the WPT Copenhagen seeing Emil Olsson crowned the champion. He came into the day as the chip leader and managed to finish the day in the same position to take home the biggest score of his career of $229,938.

He won after being heads up against Morten Klein who had previously finished third in the same event a couple of years ago. In fact as the heads up session started, it was Klein who held the slight chip lead but a key hand which delivered a set of nines on the turn for Olsson ultimately swung the match in his favour.

The final hand saw him find pocket kings at just the right time, Klein had decided to push all-in with the Kh-8d and Olsson had an easy call to make. The board came down as Jd-5d-3d-9h-3s which gave him the WPT Copenhagen title.

As The Action Started!

The first player to be eliminated from the final table was Jan Djerberg who finished in 6th position after running his Ah-9d into the pocket tens of Philip Jacobsen. He needed help from the community cards but didn’t get any when they read Qs-6s-3h-Qd-5s.

Next to go was Robin Yitalo in fifth, he had become short stacked and was finally eliminated when he thought he found a hand in the Kh-Qh only to see Barshak holding Kc-Ks. He didn’t get lucky and was sent to the rail.

Barshak came into the day in second place overall but was sent home in 4th by eventual winner Olsson. He called an initial raise pre-flop from Olsson to see the flop of Jc-Th-3d and then re-raised Olsson’s raise of 65k to 155k which led to Olsson pushing all-in. Barshak made an instant call but found himself behind with the Jd-9d against his opponents Qs-Js. The turn and river fell as the 4c and 4h respectively to see Barshak out in 4th.

Jacobsen was then to finish in 3rd after becoming short stacked due to a bad beat against Olsson, his final hand saw push all-in with the Qc-5s which Klein with the Ah-Kh easily called. The community cards fell as Qh-Jh-2d-Ks-6d which saw him heading for the exit signs.

That left us heads up, and as we already know, Olsson managed to get back in front and never look back on his way to the title.

Final Standings:

1. Emil Olsson – $229,938

2. Morten Klein – $145,164

3. Phillip Jacobsen – $93,080

4. Stanislav Barshak – $68,316

5. Robin Ylitalo – $51,237

6. Jan Djerberg – $40,989