WPT Dublin Day 2 – Prendiville Leads Final 10

The second day of the World Poker Tour Dublin took place last night with the 89 players who had survived the two opening day flights converging together to battle it out for that prestigious title. That field of 89 though, was whittled right down to just ten players by the end of the day, with Sean Prendiville being the one with the most chips, he has now amassed 1,150,000.

Prendiville will not be counting his chickens just yet, as he will know that anything can happen in poker, he just has to look at the Jeremy Nock to see that. Nock came into Day 2 as the chip leader yet he is now out of the tournament.

He suffered a couple of blows against Joachim Haraldstad with the final one seeing him depart the event. That hand was the classic A-A vs. K-K with Nock holding the latter, so he went from hero to zero in just one day.

Just to prove the point even further, Jude Ainsworth was the second highest placed player coming into the day, yet he also was sent to the rail on Day 2. During the bubble he lost a big pot and was left with just a couple of big blinds, which didn’t last him long before he was eliminated.

The Bubble Boy!

The player that finished in the most dreaded position of any poker event was on this occasion Simon King. He felt pretty good about his Kh-Qh and pushed his stack into the middle and got a caller from Sean Prendiville holding pocket nines. Unfortunately the coin flip didn’t favour him and he was sent to the rail just one place from the paying positions.

The bubble period was actually covered in little bit of controversy as one player had been taking far too long all day to make his plays. Due to his slow playing, the table that he was on was literally seeing just six hands per hour, which was annoying everyone else on the table. He had the clock called on him numerous times and during the hand for hand play at the bubble he was given his final warning by the tournament director. This was due to the whole event waiting 15 minutes for the hand to hand on his table to be completed.

Current Standings!

Sean Prendiville – 1,150,000

Jack Salter – 1,054,000

Joachim Haraldstad – 933,000

Simon Deadman – 734,000

Fintan Gavin – 450,000

Tommy O Rourke – 433,000

Charley Harvey – 393,000

Ben Carpenter – 335,000

Daniel Laming – 324,000

Phillip Danner – 169,000

Later today we will discover the winner of this event, with the ten remaining coming back to battle it out for the title and first place payout of €67,500. As soon as we know the outcome we will be sure to let you in on the secret.