WPT Grand Prix de Paris Day 1b

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Yesterday we saw the World Poker Tour Grand Prix de Paris complete the second flight of Day 1, which is being held at the glamorous Aviation Club de France. As expected there were more registrants for Day 1b than there was on Day 1a as 132 took to the felt to bring the grand total to 228 for the event.

As the day came to a climax however, there were just 92 of the 228 left in the tournament. What is a little surprising is that nobody from the second flight managed to amass a chip stack of more than 100k. The closest obviously being the chip leader Gregoire Boissenot with 95,000. The closest to him are two players holding the same 83,575 amount in chips, Peter Jetten and Poker pro Matt Salsberg.

Each of these players is way behind the chip leader from Day 1a, Jacques Enjoubault who managed a staggering 225,200.

Others Who Made The Cut!

Though the players from Day 1b scored lowly in comparison to their counterparts from the first flight, there were some big names who survived the day to take part in Day 2. Former WSOP final tableist Antoine Saout goes through with 77,795, ISPT ambassador Michael Mizrachi (69,750) and popular motor mouth Tony G (62,450) all strode on into Day 2.

In fact Tony G won the first sizeable pot of the day literally as soon as he sat down at the beginning of the day. He opened up with a bet of 1,100 from an early position, two players decided to call with one of them being Kyle Julius.

The flop fell as Kd-7s-8d and it was checked round to Tony G who threw out another 2,000 chips with only Julius making the call this time around. Tony G then tossed in another 3,000 after they had both seen the turn card 7h, yet again Julius simply called. The Ad showed on the river and Tony G pushed 4,000 into the middle and this time Julius folded but showed his pocket tens.

In typical Tony G style, he showed just one card which was a black eight but declared he had a set. Whether he really did or not is for him to know only.

Chip Counts From Day 1b

1Grégoire Boissenot 95,000

2 Sami Zakhary 87,375

3 Jérôme Douïeab 86,875

4 Peter Jetten 83,575

5 Matt Salsberg 83,575

6 Antoine Saout 77,795

7 Michael Kwirk 76,475

8 Florian Leconte75,225

9 Mohsin Charania 72,250

10 Salman Behbehani 71,900


Day 2 is currently playing out at the time of writing this, so as soon as we have a live update, we will let you know straight away.