WPT Grand Prix de Paris Day 2 – New Leader Is Gruissem

Yesterday saw the second day of the World Poker Tour Grand Prix de Paris run to completion, with 143 players starting the day and just 63 remaining at the end of it. Once the four levels of 90 minutes were completed Philip Gruissem became the new chip leader with a stack of 280,600.

He started to make his move during the middle of the day and really started to boss the players on his table, especially one of the early chip leaders in the tournament Peter Jetten.

One hand had Jetten throwing in 10,600 with Gruissem calling and the blind coming down as 8s-Jh-Qs, Jetten threw another 12,000 into the pot and Gruissem, this time raised to 28,000 with Jetten calling. The turn brought the 10d with Jetten simply check-folding once Gruissem again bet 38,000.

Jetten did get a bit of vengeance however and took a sizeable pot from Gruissem to still finish the day in contention with 156,600 chips.

Others Over 200k Chips

Apart from Guissem there were a few others that finished Day 2 with more than 200k in chips; there was Bryan Colin who had amassed 243,000, Matt Salsberg who did well to acquire 229,700, Juha Helppi building up a stack of 222,800 and Giacomo Fundaro being the last of them with 216,100.

Here Are The Current Chip Leaders:

1 Philipp Gruissem 280,600

2 Bryan Colin 243,300

3 Matt Salsberg 229,700

4 Juha Helppi 222,800

5 Giacomo Fundaro 216,000

6 Mohsin Charania 196,300

7 Antony Lellouche 184,800

8 Fabian Quoss 178,900

9 Andrew Lichtenberger 178,600

10 Idris Ambraisse 175,200


One of the biggest movers on Day 2 was Antony Lellouche, who really started making moves up the leaderbaord. One hand saw him take down a very nice pot when he managed to eliminate Scott Seiver. Both players and an unknown third saw a raised flop of Jd-10d-Ac, the unknown player threw in a small continuation bet but Seiver pushed all 20k of his chips in the middle. Lellouche called almost immediately with the unknown player folding, Lellouche showed a straight with a Kd-Qc and won the hand as Seiver had two pair with neither the 2s and 3s on the turn and river helping him.

Who Went Out!

Some big names were sent to the rail on Day 2 with Michael Mizrachi, Jonathan Duhamel, Andrew Seidman, Kara Scott, Davidi Kitai and last year’s winner Matt Waxman being the most notable ones.

We had the prize pool information released and it was set at €1,624.500 for the top 27 players, this meant a minimum paying amount of €13,305 with the winner taking home €400,000.

Day 3 gets into action today at around 4pm GMT.