WPT Grand Prix de Paris Day 3 – Gruissem Still Leading

Some things change whilst some things stay the same, and that was definitely the case on Day 3 of the World Poker Tour. Whilst everything changed all around the chip leader from Day 2 Phillip Gruissem, one thing stayed the same by the end of Day 3; he was still the chip leader.

Of the things that changed, the most significant was that the field was whittled down from 63 to 24. Gruissem stayed on top by virtue of increasing his chip stack from the 280,600 he had at the beginning of the day to 1,060.000 by the end of it.

He also took down one of the biggest pots during the day by seeing a flop of 10s-9d-8h, he checked it but Ekrem Sanioglu bet out with 28,000. Gruissem was waiting for that as he re-raised with a bet of 100,000. Sanioglu pushed all- in which did make Gruissem think for a little while, but he did eventually call.

Gruissem held pocket jacks whilst Sanioglu was holding pocket nines that had now been turned into trips. Gruissem had an open ended straight draw and whilst the turn card of the 3d didn’t help him, the river card of the 7h certainly did. It gave him the straight he was looking for and that pot pushed him up to over 900k in chips.

Other notable chips stacks at the end of Day 3 include Matt Salsberg who holds 951,000 who is Gruissem’s closest challenger by far. The next player on the leaderboard comes in with just 591,000 and that is Idris Ambrose.

The Bubble Burst!

The money bubble was also reached late on in Day 3, with it taking quite a while for the bubble boy to be established. This was due to some fortunate double ups from players struggling at the bottom of the leaderboard. Eventually though, the bubble boy was found and the unfortunate player was Anthony Lellouche.

Lellouche would have felt pretty confident holding pocket kings, especially as another player had just pushed all-in in front of him. He quickly called only to be disappointed to see that his opponent Bryan Collin was holding pocket aces. The board didn’t save him and he was eliminated just one place shy of the money placings.

Amongst the others to be eliminated we had Bertrand Grospellier, Marko Neumann, Peter Jetten, Tony G and Tristan Wade.

The Leaderboard At The End Of Day 3:

Philipp Gruissem – 1,060,000

Matt Salsberg – 951,000

Idris Ambraisse – 591,000

Bruno Lopes – 440,000

Joe Serock – 411,000

Jérome Douieb – 402,000

Mohsin Charania – 307,000

Grégoire Boissenot – 299,000

Fabian Quoss – 279,000

Florian Leconte – 266,000