WPT Grand Prix de Paris Day 4 –The Final Table Is Set

throwing poker chip

Yesterday we had Day 4 of the World Poker Tour Grand Prix de Paris, where after a session of nine hours we were left with just six of the 24 that had started. The chip leader going into that final table of six is Matt Salsberg who holds 1.757 million chips.

The other players who will be seated at the final table are Mohsin Charania, Fabian Quoss, Timothy Adams, Phillip Gruissem and Theo Jorgensen.

As the day started out, each of the 24 players that started would had aspirations of reaching that final table but unfortunately 24 people do not fit into 6 seats. The first level of play actually witnessed an array of eliminations with Nicolas Cardyn the first to go. He pushed all-in with an A-5 but ran right into Kyle Cheong’s A-K and didn’t improve enough to win.

Following behind in rapid fashion was Andrew Lichtenberger who was equally quickly followed to the rail by Dan Djorno who got caught with his Kd-Jd by Jerome Doueib’s pocket aces. Also in the same hand was Bruno Lopes who also called all-in with his pocket kings, so Douieb eliminated them both.

Next out of the door were both Juha Helppi and Frenchman Jean-Phillipe Rohr who were both eliminated by the same player just in different hands this time. Salsberg was the perpetrator this time

We were now down to just two tables remaining and it was Kyle Julius who was the first to bust from them, he run his Jc-10h into Jorgensen’s Ac-Js with no help from the community cards. We then lost three players in quick succession with Florian Leconte in 17th, Michael Kwierk in 16th and Bryan Collin in 15th.

Play had started to slow down a little now and we had to wait an hour for the next elimination to occur, though when it did it was Day 1a chip leader Jacques Enjoubault who fell. This was due to his Ac-Kh being busted by the As-Qc of Salsberg.

This opened the flood gates as we quickly saw both Daniel Amara and Raphael Abitbol hit the rail in 13th and 12th. Soon after we had the Frenchman Gregoire Boissenot sent home in 11th when his top pair was beaten by a two pair.

The Bubble!

We were now on the bubble for the final table of nine, with the hand for hand taking more than an hour before we finally had the elimination of Joe Serrock in 10th position. He lost with As-3s when Jorgensen called his pre-flop all-in push with Ah-Kd.

With the final ten set on the unofficial final table, Cheong was eliminated by Salsberg, whilst Ambraise fell at the hands of Charania and Salsberg gained the scalp of Douieb to set the official final table of six.

The Final Table:

1 Matt Salsberg 1,757,000

2 Philipp Gruissem 776,000

3 Theo Jorgensen 1,169,000

4 Fabian Quoss 570,000

5 Timothy Adams 1,198,000

6 Mohsin Charania 1,435,000