Matt Salsberg Winner At The WPT Grand Prix de Paris

pocket aces

Back on Day 4 Matt Salsberg said something on his table that held completely true right through until the end. He stated that “Queens have been good to me”, well yesterday on Day 5 he successfully beat the remaining five players on the table and the winning hand in his heads up match was…? Yes you guessed it right, pocket queens.

Day 5 of the World Poker Tour Grand Prix de Paris was the final day of action in this event with just six players left to battle it out for the title and first place winners cheque. Salsberg actually came into the day as chip leader with 1,757.000 in chips.

The Standings At The Start Of Day 5:

1 Matt Salsberg 1,757,000

2 Philipp Gruissem 776,000

3 Theo Jorgensen 1,169,000

4 Fabian Quoss 570,000

5 Timothy Adams 1,198,000

6 Mohsin Charania 1,435,000

He wasn’t chip leader for long though because Theo Jorgensen won a huge hand, he was in a hand against Timothy Adams and after a series of pre-flop raises he was all-in. He was holding Ah-As and was well ahead of Adams with the Ac-Kd. The board came down as 4h-4s-2d-2c-6h to give Jorgensen the win and a double up to 2.6 million chips.

After that it wasn’t long before we had elimination, with Fabian Quoss being the player to finish in sixth. He opened the betting with an all-in holding Kd-Jh which was easily called by Phillip Gruessem with pocket queens. Yet again the board didn’t help the underdog and Quoss was out though €75,765 richer.

Jorgensen was having a roller coaster of a day, he went from small stack to chip leader and then back down to second to last in chip holdings, yet he wasn’t there for long as he doubled up again. This time Mohsin Charania went in with a small bet holding As-Qc, Jorgensen bet 150k whilst holding the 10s-10d, Charania raised yet again and Jorgensen pushed all-in.

Charania must have already been packing up to go home when the flop landed with Jh-10c-Jd which gave Jorgensen the full house. The turn and river both came as the 4h-4c and Jorgensen doubled again. Charania only lasted a few more hands after that and was eliminated by Salsberg.

Adams was next to go when he was outkicked holding Ac-8c against Gruisemm’s As-Jc. This now left us with the final three, of which Gruissem was the first to leave after being eliminated by Jorgensen.

Heads Up!

Heads up was a cagey affair and Jorgensen had a slight advantage in chips once it started, and he even managed to stretch that out to 4-1 compared to Salsberg. It didn’t last for long though as Salsberg made a spirited fight back and eventually won the title when Jorgensen went all in holding the Qh-10s and Salsberg had his lucky ladies in the pocket queens.

Final Standings:

1 Matt Salsberg €400,000

2 Theo Jorgensen €264,600

3 Philipp Gruissem €170,065

4 Timothy Adams €125,775

5 Mohsin Charania €95,615

6 Fabian Quoss €75,765