WPT Jacksonville Main Event Day 3 – Schwartz Leads Final Table

We are nearing the completion of yet another stop on the World Poker Tour calendar as the WPT Jacksonville Full Poker Scramble Main Event is now down to the last six players.

The event in Florida has certainly been an eventful one, with there already being so many twists and turns with regards to the chip leaders. There is still one more day left where there is expected to be even more yet. The current chip leader and the one that will be going to the final table with a massive lead is Noah Schwartz who has amassed an astounding 6,225,000 chips. He has more than three times the chips of anyone else, with his closest rival being Hans Winzeler on 1,965,000.

He achieved this stack by doubling up right near the end of the day’s action, whilst also eliminating an opponent right at the death. This has meant he has a huge advantage going into Day 4 which is to start today at 2pm ET.

He holds just under half the chips in play for his fourth WPT final table appearance, though he is yet to win one. This has to be his biggest opportunity yet and one that we are sure he will be ready for. He will not have it easy though; there are still some tough competitors in the top six who will be intent on taking all of those chips away from him. One such player is WPT Champions member Lee Markholt who is currently in a close bunch of players with 1,720,000 chips.

The Final Table:

Seat 1: Lee Markholt – 1,720,000

Seat 2: Byron Kaverman – 1,075,000

Seat 3: Ryan Hartmann – 1,400,000

Seat 4: Hans Winzeler – 1,965,000

Seat 5: Brian Senie – 1,865,000

Seat 6: Noah Schwartz – 6,225,000

Elpayaa Out Early!

Probably the biggest surprise of the day came quite early when the chip leader at the start of the day was eliminated in 25th place. Ryan Hartmann made a raise to 22k from a middle position, Calderaro made a quick call whilst Elpayaa raised it again to 67k.

Hartmann decided to push all-in for 540k which made Elpayaa think for quite a while before making the call holding the 10c-10h. Hartmann showed the As-Kc and it left us witnessing a coinflip between two similar sized stacks. The community cards came down as Qd-Qh-5h-Ah-Ad which gave Hartmann a full house and the huge pot.

When the chips were counted out, Elpayaa only had 3k left which was not even big enough for the small blind. He was obviously eliminated the very next hand and was out of the event in 25th place for a payout of $10,685.

To find out who wins and who loses on the final table later on today, check back with us and we will fill you right in.