WPT Jacksonville Main Event – Schwartz Takes Title

Noah Schwartz won his first ever WPT title not so long ago as he managed to successfully beat a field of 477 players and a tough final table of six to finish in first place in the WPT Jacksonville Fall Poker Scramble Main Event.

He already had half of the chips in the event by the time he made the final table and was the strong favourite to win it. Well, even strong favorites can still lose it, and he very almost did, yet he managed to take down the title in less than 60 hands at that final table.

There was only one former WPT winner on the table in the shape of Lee Markholt, yet he was actually the first player to be eliminated and on the first hand of the session too. He saw his Ad-Kc run into the pocket queens of eventual winner Schwartz.

Winzeler went in fourth, falling to Waverman and his pocket threes. Ryan Hartmann then finished in third when he was ousted by Kavermann in a big pot.

By the time he got to heads up though, his opponent Byron Kaverman had almost as many chips as Schwartz. It wasn’t to be his day though as Schwartz managed to take the title as well as the $402,970 first place prize.

The final hand saw Kaverman make a raise to 250k of which Scwartz called, the flop came down as 10h-9s-3h. Kaverman again pushed out a bet, with it this time being to the tune of 400k, Schwartzz again just called. This brought the 4s on the turn and another bet from Kaverman, this time of 700k, this time though there was no call from Schwartz but a re-raise to 1,925,000 instead.

Kaverman responded by declaring he was all-in and Schwartz called. Kaverman showed a 10c-9c and Schwartz was currently behind with the Qs-10s. This led to both players standing up in hope of winning the hand, with the river of Qc sending Schwartz into delight.

Kaverman will be happy enough with his second place payout of $236,592 but will always damn his luck on that river.

That signaled the end to another high class, high octane WPT event, with us highly anticipating the next. The WPT Copenhagen is currently ongoing right now, with us following that event right through until completion.

The Final Standings:

1. Noah Schwartz – $402,970

2. Byron Kaverman – $236,592

3. Ryan Hartmann – $153,403

4. Hans Winzeler – $106,848

5. Brian Senie – $77.083

6. Lee Markholt – $61,819