WPT Legends Of Poker Day 3 – Down To Just 18 Remaining!

Is it already Day 3? We are steaming through this tournament now, with just 18 players left battling it out to be placed on that illustrious final table. The World Poker Tour Legends of Poker $3,500 NLHE Main Event which is being hosted at the world famous Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles is set to go into the second from last day of action with a reward of $500k on offer for the player that finished ahead of everybody else.

The current chip leader after the end of Day 3 is Cyrus Farzad who has acquired a healthy stack of 2.6 million chips, he has not gained too much of a gap though and is being stalked by Greg Mueller who has 2,396.000.

The final table is set to be screened live on television which is even more of an incentive for players that are maybe not as well known as others, though the money will certainly be the of the most interest to any player that is left in this tournament.

Other notable players that are still well in the mix are Jeff Madsen, Joseph Cheong, early chip leader Ali Eslami and Sam Bartlett.

One of the favourites after the first two days play was Jason Koon, and he was looking very good and capable of making it into Day 4, yet he managed to get busted out of the competition just three hands before the end of the day.

He therefore became the bubble boy of making the final two tables of the tournament, he finished one place short of the pay league and will go home ruing his luck. The hand that ended his tournament happened as he moved all in on a flop of AS-8C-7D and his opponent Jesse Martin called, Koon was being a little bit optimistic whilst holding just pocket fives and was probably trying to represent an ace.

His nightmares were to be confirmed when Martin flipped over his cards to reveal that he “really” was holding the ace, the turn and river came Kc-9D respectively and Koon was out of the tournament in 19th place.

He wasn’t the only notable player to be eliminated on Day 3; he was joined on the rail by such players as Lee Markholt, Jonathan Aguiar, Michael Katz, Justin Young, Dwyte Pilgrim and Dee Friedman.

Day 4 is actually set to start at around midday on Tuesday and will whittle the players down to a final six, following that we have the televised final table.

Until Tuesday, here are the overnight chip leaders:

Overnight Chip Counts:

1. Cyrus Farzad – 2,600,000

2. Greg Mueller – 2,396,000

3. Stephen Graner – 1,882,000

4. Jeff Madsen – 1,675,000

5. Max Steinberg – 1,125,000

6. Ali Eslami – 1,065,000

7. Jim Willerson – 988,000

8. Jesse Martin – 931,000

9. Ramzi Srour – 838,000

10. Sam Barnhart – 756,000

11. Alan Myerson – 704,000

12. Josh Hale – 680,000

13. Joseph Cheong – 580,000

14. Raouf Malek – 505,000

15. Efren Abustan – 451,000

16. Art Alaniz – 405,000

17. David Marshall – 400,000

18. Antonios Roungeris – 337,000