WPT Legends Of Poker Day 4 – Hale Is Raining Down On The Rest!

On Tuesday we saw the fourth day of action at the World Poker Tour Legends Of Poker Main Event, with just the remaining 18 player left to battle it out for the title. After a long hard battle we were finally left with just the 6 players going into the final day.

The final six players will be playing on the final table which is also going to be televised, and it is Josh Hale who is the current leader after Day 4 with 7.35 million chips. Some of the other big names that will be joining Hale are Greg Mueller, Jeff Madsen and early tournament leader Ali Eslami.

The Final Table As It Stands After Day 4:

1 Max Steinberg 1,020,000

2 Jeff Madsen 1,030,000

3 Raouf Malek 3,130,000

4 Greg Mueller 3,490,000

5 Josh Hale 7,325,000

6 Ali Eslami 2,900,000


As Day 4 began we did not have to wait too long until the first elimination, in fact it was about 30 minutes in when Joseph Cheong was sent to the rail. He had pushed all in during the very first level whilst holding an AH-KC, and came up against the pocket 8’s of Jim Willerson.

His hand did not improve from the community cards whilst his opponent actually managed to hit a straight. Cheong finished in 18th place. Once he had been eliminated, it opened the flood gates in many respects, Efren Abustan, Antonious Roungeris and a certain Sam Barnhart were quick to follow.

That left us with 14 players left, which was soon to be reduced even further as Ramzi Srour, David Marshall, Alan Myerson and finally Cyrus Farzad all headed for the exit signs. This all left us with the final ten players in the tournament, with each of them having an eye on that final table of six.

Hale actually was the player that busted Marshall, which gave him the chip lead in the tournament. There was a flop of JD-10C-8D and Marshall bet 160k after Hale had checked, Hale was waiting for that as he re-raised to 450k, Marshall was confident and pushed all in for around 2 million.

As it turned out though, Hale was holding the bottom set with pocket 8’s in his hand whilst Marshall held AC-10S. He was sent packing and Hale increased his chip count significantly.

Hale will start on the final day with a stack of 7.325 million chips which is more than double that of his next opponent Mueller, though this can still be anyone’s title. He is the strong favourite, but strong favourites have lost before and they will again.

Check in tomorrow to find out if he did manage to stay out in front and take down the WPT Legends Of Poker Main Event Title!