WPT Legends Of Poker Main Event Day 1b – Solvason Comes Out On Top

The second flight of Day 1 got underway with the players of the World Poker Tour Legends Of Poker Main Event Day 1b taking to the felt. The second flight had 375 participants to add to Day 1a’s total of 247 which brought a grand total for this event to 622.

That attendance gave a solid prize pool of $2,111.690, with the top 63 players of the event to be receiving a payout, of which the winner stands to take home a massive $500k. After Day 1b finished we have 310 players remaining that will be going into Day 2.

Day 1b also gave players that busted out on Day 1a the option of re-buying into the tournament, and some big name players did just that. Jon Aguiar, Brian Hastings, Jason Dewitt and Andy Frankenberger all wanted a second bite of the cherry and bought in for another $3,500.

David Williams was another player who decided to take another shot at the tournament, however it didn’t do him much good as he was eliminated again early on Day 1b. He called into a bet preflop, on the flop the 10-9-7 which included two hearts came out whilst he was holding the Qh-8h, that’s a lot of outs.

His opponent went all in with a massive over bet with pocket aces, Williams called as slight favourite with the number of outs he had. Unfortunately for him he missed all of them and was again out of the tournament for the second time.

He wasn’t the only one to go out for the second time either; he was joined by Dan Kelly, Team PokerStars Pro member Vanessa Selbst and JC Tran. For all of these players it has been an expensive tournament.

Here are the top five chip counts from the WPT Legend Of Poker Day 1b:

Hilmar Solvason 227,000

Bhagwan Tejwani 177,700

Thanh Van Tran 159,500

Behzad Teranie 158,000

Adrian Kuan 156,200

Additionally, here are the overall top 10 from both Days 1a and 1b:


1 Michael Lipman 257,100

2 Vadim Bulavchik 242,200

3 Hilmar Solvason 227,000

4 David Marshall 211,000

5 Bhagwan Tejwani 177,700

6 Joseph Hunter 173,700

7 David Randall 169,500

8 Thanh Van Tran 159,500

9 Behzad Teranie 158,000

10 Adrian Kuan 156,200


We will bring you everything concerning this tournament as soon as it happens, starting with Day 2. Which players can start to take the initiative and push on for the final table? Who is going to buckle under the pressure? Will it be a first title for a relatively unknown player or will it be one of the usual suspects?