WPT Legends Of Poker Main Event Day 2 – Eslami Takes The Initiative!

The World Poker Tour Legends Of Poker Main Event Day 2 kicked into action yesterday with 303 survivors from Day 1 hoping to get into Day 3. Of the 303, only 84 navigated their way close to the top paying positions of 63.

This means that out of the 84, only 21 of them will be going home empty handed, who will it be? Who knows, but nobody will want to be the bubble boy finishing in 64th that’s for sure. The ones that do make it will be guaranteed at least $7,500 and could even win $500k if they come first in the tournament.

The chip leader after the second day was Ali Eslami who managed to amass a healthy stack of 618,500 chips which puts him about 40k ahead of his closest rival Joseph Cheong who has 574,000. Next up is Jason Koon with 567,000 and Antonios Roungeris with 551,000.

Other notables that survived the day with good looking stacks were Greg Mueller with 431,000, Lee Markholt who built up 449,500 and Todd Terry who had a quietly efficient day with 425,000.

One of the hands of the day actually involved Greg Mueller, where he was in a hand that went to the flop reading 5H-4S-2S. He checked his hand, whilst the player to act after him raised to 8k, Mueller called.

The 7D came down and Mueller checked and then called his opponent again to the tune of 15k. The river brought out the 6S which would have given straight and flush hands galore, yet Mueller bet out heavily to 30k and the opponent simply called.

Mueller showed 6H-4H to hit two pair whilst his opponent mucked whilst mumbling that he had him until the river. That pot put Mueller right up top and was one of the largest stacks around with 370k in chips.

Players Who Busted

We lost a fair few players as always, yet we are only going to pick up on some of the more notable ones. There were eliminations for David Chiu, Andy Frankenberger, Tuan Le, Lisa Hamilton, Dan Shak, Tony Dunst, Dan Fleyschman and Carlos Mortensen.

Day 3 started just a couple of hours ago and we will bring you all the news after play has finished. By the end of the day we will know who has made the pay positions and who has managed to just miss out, whilst we will also know who the unlucky bubble boy or girl is on this occasion.

Here are the top ten leaders at the start of Day 3:

1. Ali Eslami – 618,500

2. Joseph Cheong – 574,000

3. Jason Koon – 567,000

4. Antonios Roungeris – 551,000

5. David Miscikowski – 550,500

6. Max Steinberg – 511,500

7. Daniel Strelitz – 463,500

8. Lee Markholt – 449,500

9. Stephen Graner – 433,500

10. Jim Willerson – 431,500