WPT Lucky Hearts Poker Open – Giannetti Secures Title

Another event finished up yesterday as we witnessed the final table at the World Poker Tour Lucky Hearts Open come to a conclusion. The final six players came back yesterday at 3pm ET to battle it out for the title, with the eventual winner being revealed as the very same man that came into the final day with the chip lead. That man was Matt Gianetti, who took home the title and first place prize of $323,804.

Final Table Seats And Chip Stacks!

St – 1 Matt Giannetti – (3,005,000)

St – 2 Lily Kiletto – (860,000)

St – 3 Darryll Fish – (2,660,000)

St – 4 Matt Salsberg – (980,000)

St – 5 Hayden Fortini – (1,620,000)

St – 6 Danny Shiff – (1,930,000)

He already held the chip lead when the day started out, with him holding 3,005,000 chips, which gave him a slight advantage over a fairly well stacked final table.

The final table though, was a quick affair, though that wasn’t expected at the start of play. In fact the first player to be eliminated happened within the first ten hands of the night. That player was Matt Salsberg, who was looking to become the next player to win two WPT titles.

All of his chips went in to the middle pre-flop, with the caller being Darryll Fish. Salsberg was holding the pocket jacks and would have felt extremely comfortable when he saw the 7s-5s of his opponent. He got very unlucky though as the cards fell as 6h-6c-4c-Ks-3h to see him go to the rail in 6th place.

A little while later we lost Fortini, when he ran into the flopped set of Shiff and came out second best. Not too long after saw we were down to three players when Shiff was in fact the next to go, he called an all-in on the flop by Kiletto with the pocket threes and was behind as his opponent had hit top pair with the Jd-10d.

Fish went home in 3rd place; after he pushed everything he had into the pot with the Qc-10s and was called instantly by Giannetti and his Qh-Jh. The board fell as the Ks-Jd-Jh-Qs-c which gave the eventual winner of the event the full house.

The final hand between Giannetti and Kiletto happened when the former went all-in with the 8s-7s and Giannetti took a little time before calling with pocket eights. The community cards didn’t improve anyone and Giannetti was crowned the latest WPT title holder.

The Final Standings!

Matt Giannetti – $323,804

Lily Kiletto – $191,880

Darryll Fish – $125,921

Danny Shiff – $86,946

Hayden Fortini – $64,160

Matt Salsberg – $50,968