WPT Malta Day 1b – Genovesi Storms To The Front


The second flight of the World Poker Tour Malta Main Event has now been completed after eight one hour levels at the Casino at Portomaso. This day picked up a little bit on yesterdays attendance yet it was still not as many as they would have hoped for this event, though it does coincide with the WCOOP online series currently continuing on PokerStars.

On Day 1b there were a vast amount of top level poker professionals all taking part with one eye on the title, yet it was Jackson Genovesi who emerged at the end of that day as the events chip leader.

He managed this with having one of the more difficult table draws too; he was on table 3 that had some seriously tough players on it. There was Steve van Zadelhoff, Kara Scott, WSOP bracelet winner Ronnie Bardah and the skilful pro Fabrice Soulier. This didn’t stop him mind you and he seemed to relish the challenge.

One of his more notable hands of the day came in the fifth level, where the hand started with a raise to 700 and four different players calling in. Scott had other ideas though and raised the pot to a further 2,300, with only Bardah and Genovesi making the call. The flop came down Js-7s-3s, leading Scott to continue with her aggressive play by betting out 5,000, Bardah decided to try and take the pot their and then with an 18k raise of which Genovesi simply called.

Scott also called and then went straight back in with all of her chips after the 7c hit on the turn, Bardah reluctantly folded and Genovesi called showing As-9s for the nut flush, Scott had Qs-Qh and was behind needing either another queen or another seven on the river to make a full house. Neither came and Genovesi now had 110,000 chips whilst Scott headed for the exits.

Other Notables

Among the 105 starters today were of course some of the more well known names in poker, we had Giovani Rizzo, Marvin Rettenmaier, Jason Mercier, Anton Wigg, Vanessa Selbst, Alessio Isaia, Andrew Badecker, Ilan Boujenah, Tony G and Erik Cajelais.

An impressive list of poker players I am sure you will agree, whilst that is without including the players that took part on the first flight of Day 1. However, they will all be coming together for Day 2 today, where we will be here to give you full and complete updates as and when all of the action unfolds.

What will be the latest developments between Phil Hellmuth and Tony G now that they will be playing on the same day?

The official attendance figure has been confirmed as 169-players with 21-place getting paid. Here are the prizes

1. €120,000
2. €82,370
3. €52,600
4. €39,200
5. €29,300
6. €23,300
7. €19,500
8. €15,000
9. €10,900
10-12. €8,400
13-15. €7,000
16-18. €5,900
19-21. €5,240