Genovesi Still Leading After Day 2 At The WPT Malta

stacks of chips

The World Poker Tour Malta Main Event Day 2 was run through to completion yesterday after there were six levels of 90 minutes were completed at the Casino at Portomaso. As the dust had settled after another day of high octane poker we were left with Jackson Genovesi still leading the event.

Genovesi started the day as chip leader with 147,500 and continued his excellent form throughout the day to increase that amount to 767,500. That kept him out in front of the field with him winning a huge slice of them in one hand against former WSOP Main Event winner Jonathan Duhamel.

A series of raises before the flop resulted in Duhamel eventually pushing all in, with Genovesi calling with pocket jacks. Duhamel had pocket tens and didn’t improve sufficiently enough to win, leaving Genovesi with the pot while Duhamel headed for the exits.

Other Notable Performances!

Yorane Kerignard also had a very productive day after accumulating 522,000 chips, he is still looking for his first ever WPT despite having won four EPT titles. Francesco Favia also played well to get through to Day 3 with 429,500, whilst Ilan Boujenah made it through with 297,500 and Eros Nastasi was right behind with 297,000.

Hellmuth Eliminated!

One of those that did not make it through was the most decorated man in poker Phil Hellmuth; he lost in a hand where Bastian Lebel raised to 4k from early position. Hellmuth called behind him whilst Zelijko pushed all-in with his short stack.

Lebel then decided to go over the top of that and pushed all-in for 100k and Hellmuth again called. Zelijko showed Qh-10h, Lebel 7h-7c and Hellmuth the Ac-Kc, with the community cards coming out as 9c-6s-3d-9d-Qc. Hellmuth was out whilst both of his opponents profited.

Hellmuth may be out but there is still a huge amount of quality left in the field, whilst his nemesis Tony G is going to be taking part on Day 3 with 117,000 chips.

There are now just 26 players left of which will be reduced to just the six required for the final table on Day 5. The bubble will also be occurring tomorrow as only the top 22 players being paid, so there will be four very unhappy players at some point tomorrow. The minimum cash for finishing in 22nd is expected to be €5,240 though anyone that makes that final table will be guaranteed at the very least €23,300.

So come back tomorrow to find out who exactly has managed to make the money and more importantly that final table. Can Genovesi make it three days in a row he is chi leader? Only time will tell.