WPT Malta Day 3– Genovesi Leads For 3rd Day In A Row

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We are now down to that all important final table at the World Poker Tour Malta Main Event after the final 26 players were reduced to the six to be enjoying the spoils of the final table. Leading the way yet again is Jackson Genovesi who has been the chip leader at the end of every day he has played since Day 1b.

The Italian who has made a name for himself at this tournament and not just for his playing skills but also because of how talkative he is, ended the day with over 1.5 million chips. From the outside it may look like he had been there the whole of Day 3 and that he consistently built up his stack, however it wasn’t quite like that, he was actually at one point one of the short stacks on a roller coaster of a day.

He went from chip leader, to short stack and then back to chip leader again. With regards to his end of day chip count, he is one of only two players who have more than one million, the other one being Yorane Kerignard who is holding 1,422.000.

The Bubble Burst!

It was only a couple of levels into the day when the bubble finally burst, with Koen Berendsen as the unfortunate player to be the one to pop it. It happened when Alessio Isaia bet to 8,500 from an early position with Berendsen throwing a further 30,000 in the middle. A third player Ilan Boujenah the pushed all-in, Isaia folded and Berendsen called.

He was holding Ad-Ks and like it is the case so many times he was up against the As-Ac of Boujenah. The board came down as 3c-2c-2h-Ah-Kh giving Boujenah the three of a kind, which pushed Berendsen out of the tournament just one place shy of the paying positions. This meant that everybody else was guaranteed a payout of at least €5,240.

Boujenah was actually eliminated later on in a highly respectable 11th for a cash out of €8,400, whilst the biggest name left in the competition Tony G fell in 10th. Though the two biggest names are now gone, the final table is still sure to give us plenty of high class action, can Genevesi make it four days in a row as chip leader and bring home the win?

Final Standings:

1 Hui Chen Kuo 524,000

2 Alessio Isaia 535,000

3 Jackson Genovesi 1,553,000

4 Sampo Ryynanen 962,000

5 Zeljko Krizan 174,000

6 Yorane Kerignard 1,422,000

Make sure you come back tomorrow to see who exactly did manage to win the WPT Malta Main Event!