WPT Malta – Kerignard Wins

Malta by bight

Thursday saw the completion of the World Poker Tour Malta Main Event with Yorane Kerignard being the player to come out on top against the five others at the final table. He won €120,000 as his prize with another bonus of winning a free seat at the $25,500 at the WPT World Championship at the end of the season.

Things got underway on Day 4 with the first elimination coming within the first hour. The chip leader for much of this tournament Jackson Genovesi started the betting by firing in 32,000 with the only other action coming when it got round to Sampo Ryynanen who raised by another 32,000.

Genovesi called and the Qs-10c-2c came down, Genovesi then threw out another 85k of which Ryynanen quickly raised it to 205k. Genovesi called and the turn card was the 5s, Genovesi again pushed out a big bet, this time of the amount of 285k. Ryynanen made the call and we saw the river come as 10s. Genovesi pushed all in which made Ryynonen think long and hard about until he finally called.

Ryynonen had Kd-Ks whilst Genovesi won the hand when he showed his Qh-Qc.

Just a few minutes later we lost Zelijko Krizan; he was always under pressure having joined the final table as the short stack and did well to gain an extra place. However his tournament came to an end when he went all in with Ad-10c against the pocket threes of Isaia. He didn’t get any luck from the community cards and it was in fact all over on the turn as another 3 came down.

Next to go was Hui Chen Kuo in 4th place as he rather unfortunately lost against Kerignard when he had the Ad-Kh against the Ks-Js. A flush came out for Kerignard eliminating Kuo before the river had even come out.

The Final Three!

We were now down to Kerignard, Genovesi and Isaia. Isaia was the short stack of the three with the other two holding fairly equal stacks. He battled well but couldn’t fend off the bigger stacks forever and eventually fell when he went all in with the 7d-5d and ran into the Kc-7h of Genovesi who managed to actually make a full house.

This left an enthralling battle between Genovesi, who had played extremely well during this tournament and really made a name for himself, and Kerignard who had also turned a few heads.

However despite all the ups and downs and swapping chips it was eventually Kerignard who took down that all important victory.

Here Are The Final Standings:

Yorane Kerignard €120,000

Jackson Genovesi €82,370

Alessio Isaia €52,500

Hui Chen Kuo €39,200

Zeljko Krizan €29,300

Sampo Ryynanen €23,300