WPT Merit Cyprus Classic Day 1b – Chino Takes Command!

Day1 b of the World Poker Tour Cyprus Classic got underway on Sunday lunchtime and provided us with 10 one hour levels of pure poker action. Registration for the tournament carried on right through until the sixth level, before they finally put a close on new entries for the day with 164 players in total taking part.

Each of these players parted with a buy-in of $4000, in which they each received 30,000 play chips to try and build a stack capable of putting them into contention on Day2. However, by the end of the day, 99 of those players had been sent home empty handing meaning that only 65 made it through to the next day’s play.

Chino Tops the Stack!

By the end of the day we had a chip leader, David “Chino” Rheem. He had an excellent day at the felt and managed to stack up 291,500 in chips. It is no secret that every player wants to be the chip leader after day 1 of this event, and Chino will be extremely happy that he has managed to achieve that title.

Rheem is a very well known player on the poker circuit, having made a final table appearance in the 2008 WSOP main event, whilst also winning the WPT Five Diamond Poker Classic which was also back in 2008.

His most recent conquest was winning the Epic Poker League Main Event, and he seems to be coming into good form right at the beginning of the WPT.

Rheem is a very vocal player and that was the case in Cyprus too, however on this occasion he was able to back up his table talk with some solid poker playing skills and managed to find luck just when he needed it.

His luck allowed him to crack through pocket jacks with his pocket tens and then even crack pocket aces with another pair of tens. It was not all fortune though, on the very last hand of the day he was holding Jc,8c and had both a 6,000 turn bet and a river bet totaling 20k called on a board that looked like Qs, 8h, Ac, Kc, 5s, and still won the hand. It really makes me wonder what the other guy had all the way through to keep calling like that, and on the river too.

Michael Mizrachi…Again Beating Up Opponents!

As soon as he took to the felt, Mizrachi was getting in the faces of his opponents with his poker playing and quickly built up a stack of 120,000. His early dominance didn’t last that long though as he ended the day with 54,300.

The 65 remaining from today will join the 67 who made the same achievement to play in Mondays Day2, we will be there to bring you the exactly what happens.