WPT Merit Cyprus Classic Day 2 – Just 53 Players Left!

Day 2 is out of the way and the remaining 53 WPT Merit Cyprus Classic players will be patiently waiting for Day 3 to start.

As the day began there were 131 players sat at the felt, with the chip leader from Day 1 being Chino Rheem, he started the day with 291,500. The day lasted 5 levels of 90 minutes each and by the end of the day Sam El Sayed finished right at the top of the rankings with an extremely healthy 375,500.

He was by no way a clear chip leader though, finishing just 4,000 ahead of second placed man Erik Cajelais. El Sayed was one of the bigger stacks as the day begun; however he only took the lead on the quiet. There were a few stacks that had peaked at over 450,000 during the day, though many of them had lost big chunks of their chips by the end of the day which allowed El Sayed to take the chip lead.

Many expected some fireworks early on in the day, especially as the Day 1 chip leader was sat right next to another big stack Husnu Sincar. However that never came to fruition and the action was found elsewhere.

The action started with two former European Tour Champions going at it, martin Finger and Nicolas Chouity clashed many times before the latter was finally eliminated after running into Finger’s three of a kind aces.

Michael Mizrachi also left the tournament early on Day 2; he had been a temporary chip leader before he got busted out. That leaves just his brother Robert left of the three Mizrachi brothers, and he is doing the family proud as by the end of the day he was sitting in third place with 365,000.

Another shock early evictee was Gaelle Baumann; she got busted when her A,10 was put up against El Sayed’s A,J.

Chino Vs Sincar

The inevitable finally happened between these two aggressive players, when a four way bet and a massive pot became the centre of both of their attentions. There was a flop of 8h,7h,4h, Sincar floated in a bet with his Ad,Js and Rheem called and was in front initially with Ah,7c. Rheem then quickly called Sincar’s all in on the turn when a Jc turned up, little did he know he was now behind, another jack on the river gave Sincar the pot.

That 440,000 pot really hit Rheem hard and he was down to around 320,000 which were still enough to keep him in second place at that time. After that hand he just seemed to go into cruise control for the rest of the day to make sure he was thereabouts for the next day of action.

Here are the final top ten standings after Day 2:

Sam El Sayed – 375,000

Erik Cajelais – 371,500

Robert Mizrachi – 365,000

Chino Rheem – 361,000

Vyacheslav Stoyanov -356,500

Aubin Cazals – 344,500

Andras Nemeth – 337,000

Tolga Demirel – 298,000

Andrey Shatilov – 279,500

Manig Loeser – 277,500

A very close leader board which means we are in for a close game come the next day’s play, be sure to keep up to date by keeping in touch with our reports as they happen.