WPT Merit Cyprus Classic Day 3 – Cajelais Storms In Front

The third day of the World Poker Tour Merit Cyprus Classic event went ahead yesterday; the remaining 53 players all started the day with hopes and aspirations of making it to Day 4.

As the day ended and after four levels which were 90 minutes each, we were left with just 18 players remaining. The player who had the most success on Day 3 was the Canadian poker professional Erik Cajelais, he ended the day as chip leader with a very nice chip stack of 1,190,000.

Cajelais is looking to add his first ever WPT title to his resume, after already owning a World Series Of Poker Bracelet. All through his day splay he showed just how dangerous a player can be when they are not only playing well, but running extremely well too.

His first slice of fortune was when he rivered a flush to crack the pocket queens of double bracelet holder Oleksii Kovalchuk, that hand also eliminated the Russian. He then caught another flush when behind in a hand against Mansour Khorramsham, which again knocked his opponent out of the tournament. Then finally, he managed to hold pocket aces when Oleg Shepelenko thought he had a winner with his pocket kings.

However, we shouldn’t take anything away from Calejais; his day was not all about how well he was running. He was always in total control of his game and constantly put himself in excellent positions to win large pots, and always pushed his weight around and made a real nuisance of himself.

For all of the players still remaining in the tournament, they will be pleased to know that they will all receive a minimum of $13,420, which is a nice reward for their efforts. The unfortunate bubble boy was Marko Neumann, the bubble burst at around the halfway point of the days play.

Neumann pushed his stack in with an As,Kc and was extremely unfortunate to run into the Ad,Ac of Kemel Sevevi. His hand found no escape and he finished in 37th place, just one from a payout. In fact had he lasted just that one place longer, he would have walked with $8,070.

Some of the more notable players who were also eliminated include early chip leader David “Chin” Rheem who finished in 22nd place and Per Ummer who finished one place better in 21st.

Here are the day’s top 10 chip counts:

Erik Cajelais – 1,190,000

Artur Voskanyan – 1,035,000

Walid Bou Habib – 986,000

Sam El Sayed – 950,000

Ran Azor – 893,000

Andrey Shatilov – 686,000

Robert Mizrachi – 586,000

Eddy Maksoud – 564,000

Victor Paraschiv – 483,000

Gilboa Yossi – 464,000

Keep following our reports as we bring to you exactly what happens on the final two days of play in the WPT Merit Cyprus Classic.