WPT Montreal Main Event Day 2 – Gross Leading

The World Poker Tour Montreal Main Event Day has so far proved to be an extremely successful event, with this being the first ever WPT event in Montreal and it now becoming the record breaking WPT event in Canada.

Day 2 saw Jeff Gross finish at the top by the end of the day as we saw 360 players hitting the felt and just 45 of them still being alive at the end of it. He built up a quality stack of 2,422,000 which sees his nearly a million ahead of anyone else.

Despite his lead there are still plenty of notable players left in the event with names such as Mike MacDonald, Jason Koon, Gavin Smith and Jonathan Roy.

The action went at a very quick pace considering the amount of players there was and how many of them were eliminated. The 45 that are now remaining will have a little time to rest and regroup before another action packed session at the tables later today.

The Bubble!

Around the midway point of the day saw the bubble for the paying places approach with the eventual bubble boy actually being unknown. All we know is the name of the player that actually eliminated the bubble boy, Steve Berti. He achieved this by cracking the pocket queens of his opponent whilst holding the Js-9s and hitting two pair on the flop.

The 45 players that return tomorrow will be starting at noon tomorrow local time, with the day finishing once the final table has been reached. With the event now getting down to the business end, it will be interesting to see who puts themselves in a good position to win the first ever World Poker Tour event in Montreal.

Gross managed to build his stack on consistently and already held around 2 million chips by the halfway point of the day, however it was the elimination of Josh Kimmel that pushed him right out in front.

He took down a massive pot as both players went all-in preflop, with the classic A-A versus K-K situation. Gross was the player with the aces and they managed to hold out to bring him the pot whilst his opponent was sent home for a minimal payout.

The Current Top Ten!

Jeff Gross – 2,422,000

Mike McDonald – 1,598,000

Jason Koon – 1,546,000

Christian Harder – 1,472,000

Jonathan Roy – 1,431,000

Patrick Lelievre – 1,401,000

Peter Kaemmerlen – 1,333,000

Sylvian Siebert – 1,325,000

Gavin Smith – 1,247,000

Amichal Barer – 1,235,000

Check back with us tomorrow as we tell you who does make that final table, who goes home early and who puts themselves in a strong position to take home the title and winners cheque.