WPT Parx Open – The Final Table Is Set

There has been four days worth of action so far at the World Poker Tour Parx Open Poker Classic, with us finally reaching that all illustrious final table. At the end of the four days we are left with just the 6 final players, and Stephen Reynolds is the man who is leading the pack.

Reynolds holds a stack of 4,035,000 though he is being fairly closely followed by both Anthony Gregg (3,600,000) and Chris Lee (3,040,000).

Reynolds is relatively unknown in live tournaments but has built up a very big reputation on the online poker scene with career earnings of around $2 million online under the screen name of “sizzlinbetta”. With earnings like that, who really cares how good his live game is? I doubt he does.

Day 3 chip leader Gregg is still running strong in second place, and while he is currently behind Reynolds he will believe that his experience at running deep in tournaments will give him a good chance at winning.

Another player that will be striking fear into the heart of Reynolds is that of Chris Lee sitting back in third place, he is not only a WSOP bracelet winner but a known and feared online player who regularly attends the highest stakes you can find.

Between the three of them they hold 10 million of the 14.5 million chips that are available, which makes it difficult to see a winner from anyone except them. Its poker though and nobody knows what can happen.

Let’s Not Write Off The Rest

The top three may own the majority of the chips, but the remaining players left on the final table are all masters in their own right. We have Chris Van Deursen who is sitting fairly comfortable with 2,430,000; he is a local Philly player who commands a lot of respect both on the online and offline poker world.

Whilst the short stacks on the table still stand a chance because of their experience in the game. Andy Nyffler being one of them has an incredible online presence and has in fact been part of a final table chop on the PokerStars Sunday Million Event.

However, we will all not know the outcome until tomorrow when the final table kicks into action. Until then here is the final table situation:

Seat 1: Stephen Reynolds – 4,035,000

Seat 2: Andre Nyffeler – 895,000

Seat 3: Chris Lee – 3,040,000

Seat 4: Tony Gregg – 3,600,000

Seat 5: Larry Sharp – 870,000

Seat 6: Chris Vandeursen – 2,430,000

To keep up to date with how things fold out on the final days play, be sure to come back when we can detail exactly what happened.